The Black Girl In Om List: Tatianna Morales.

Interview and introduction by Chanté Dyson. Photography by Tatianna Morales.

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The Intuitive Foreteller


Breathe, get still, connect to source. Tatianna Morales, aka Tatianna Tarot, reminds us of all of these things. An exceptional Tarot reader for over 21 years, this queen is helping folks truly tap into the innate power and magic that we often times forget is ours by divine right. You heard her on our podcast: she is wise. Through her teachings and services, spiritual practices from the African diaspora are revisited and reimagined, without the taboo connotation that contemporary Western society often places on them. You can book a virtual session with her from anywhere in the world and step further into your truth and wisdom. Tatianna is a reflection of the agency and unwavering abundance we possess to choose ourselves and prioritize our healing over all. Ase. Connect with Tatianna on Instagram @TatiannaTarot and look out for the ongoing workshops and retreat experiences she offers so that you, too, can root deep within yourself to expand into your fullest possibility.

What is your go-to self-care practice?

My recent go-to self-care practice has been diving deep into meditation more frequently than before. Two forms of meditation that I do daily are: the golden egg meditation, where I contemplate the details of what I want to specifically manifest and surround myself with this golden egg of healing universal light, while detaching myself from the outcome. I also have been practicing a new healing modality which is venturing into the Akashic Records and tuning into insights & downloads from my elders, Higher Self & other Light Beings there. I enjoy winding down my day by spending sacred time with my daughter and listening to some acoustic Lianne La Havas while planning for my week.

How do you stay rooted in purpose as you are growing as an entrepreneur?

I frequently contemplate this question: "What is my Truth?" Fundamentally, this brings me down to my core essence: What resonates with me? What is my Spirit here to do? What does Source will from me at this moment? Asking strategic and meaningful questions brings me back into this present moment, allows me to get out of my own way and reminds me to service others in my work and to think more creatively while doing it.

What is the most powerful lesson you've learned about healing the feminine mind, body, and soul?

We are infinite vessels of the divine, innately in tune and sensitive to this vast power, so much so that we often underestimate the subtleties of it by ignoring the signs or giving too much of this power away. Save something for yourself sis. Say "no," when you want to. Learn to fill your own cup and to sustain that well of abundance before working on filling others. Never fear speaking up, even to loved ones, when you are choosing to show up for yourself rather than them. Healing starts with you.

What was one of your biggest struggles in creating your platform and how did you rise above it?

Navigating toxic energy and learning how to establish firm boundaries was quite the feat because I had to experience what it meant to have inadequate boundaries, in order to instill stable ones. I don't feel like this is a set equation. Boundaries extend to the outside world as much as it does with oneself. I'm still learning about my own personal process and what the right equation looks like for me on a weekly/monthly basis. I've gained a great amount of admiration from other healers of color whom have vocalized their trials in this same concern as well as on their social media platforms. At the end of the day, listening to my own needs, my intuition, my heart and my health, truly sets the tone for everything else and I've placed this as a priority in order for me to thrive on all avenues. click to tweet

How has your definition of success evolved as you've risen into who you are today?

I used to be very performance driven and focus on accomplishments and getting to a particular "place" in my career where i would have established status and x, y, z. Focusing heavily on to-do lists and knocking off ambitions still motivates me but more than anything, it's draining and i find that it leaves out room for mystery and for Source to interject any plot twists in my favor. Rather than focusing on accolades, financial success and status, I perceive success as happiness, unwavering belief & acceptance of self and the ability to do what you want on your own terms, at least with your career. I focus on service, the truth in my work and how many forms i can shift into in order to deliver Spirit's message and to help others along the way. Success to me is making a difference in the lives of others and a building a legacy on that.

How do you polish your inner voice to ensure that the dialogue is of abundance?

I embrace all facets of who I am: good, bad and ugly, rather than immediately jump to fixing an aspect of myself that I feel inadequate in. That being said, I've been challenging myself to expand my perspective on what abundance is, beyond the financial and the health, and correcting my inner voice whenever I do pick up on thoughts, emotions & feelings that contradict that. Such as, when I feel like I don't have "time" to do something, I pause to consider how I'm currently utilizing my time and energy and focus on efficiency and the reality that I am quite abundant with time. I might need to re-prioritize or sacrifice some things within my day or week, but it can be done. Erasing the mental negations such as "can't and I don't" has opened me so much to this field of energy that encourages me to believe that I'm so supported in all my wishes and desires — I just have to move out of my own way and sometimes be my own magical genie.

What is your advice to other WOMEN OF COLOR when it comes to expanding their vision/ purpose?

Get clear on the "Why's" and what effect you would like to have and leave behind on others…and go big on this. Many people underestimate the power of purely living in the moment and allowing your personal experiences to lead you into the next moment and what you're meant to be. Exclude nothing from this mix, whether it was your attraction to that Reiki session you had, to that meditation you found on Youtube, to that accounting class you took in college that challenged your butt. It's all a part of the picture but that will make sense once you let go and search for the truth in your actions. Follow your impulses and go in the direction of what resonates with you. Knowing why you want to do something and what you'd like to leave behind will allow for the “How's” to appear organically. When you feel inspired and excited, don't wait — this is Source speaking directly to you, offering you a gift and a hint. Go for it!

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