The Black Girl In Om List: Tonya Rapley.

Interview and introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography courtesy Tonya Rapley.


The Wealth Whisperer.


By now, we hope everyone in our community agrees that financial health is so deeply rooted in our overall wellbeing. Particularly as black women. Through her work, My Fab Finance founder Tonya Rapley has been reinforcing this truth — especially because she is intimately aware about how both domestic violence and general cultural shame rooted in generations-long trauma and scarcity and can render too many of us depressed, anxious, and disempowered. We’ve discussed healing our money story with Tonya in the past, and she’s been featured in Forbes, Essence, and named the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise magazine for the life changing work she does helping millennials step into financial freedom. If you’re ready to rise into financial abundance, check out her website and her many financial course offerings and follow Tonya’s accounts on Instagram @MyFabFinance and @Tonya.Rapley.

What was one of your biggest struggles in creating My Fab Finance and how did you rise above it?

Overcoming my own self-doubt. Would I be able to turn this into a sustainable business and generate revenue every single year? Would people care about the content I was offering and would they receive it from me? Due to the nature of my business start-up costs were significantly low so that wasn't a barrier, but doing the self-work that required me to be in business and to remain in business was a journey.

If you had to describe your journey from root to rise in three words what would they be?

Intentional. Ordered. Evolving

Share a message to your highest self, the woman of your dreams who has risen.

You are powerful and have demonstrated your power time and time again. You are a spirit having a human experience so never forget that you are aligned with your creator. Should you ever feel lost seek silence come back to love and light.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

Motherhood. This year I am stepping into the role of being a mother and I want to support this child to become the person they were meant to be, not who my husband and I believe they should be. That requires a lot of unlearning on my part but I'm conscious of it and want to be the mother this child deserves.

What is your go-to practice for grounding yourself?

A warm shower with a Himalayan salt scrub cleanse followed by spraying my space with a clearing and grounding spray from Be Light, followed by a grounding meditation.

What is your advice to other black women when it comes to expanding their vision or purpose?

So many people want their vision revealed to them yet don't ask for it to be revealed nor quiet themselves to receive guidance and messages. We want to keep moving towards our purpose instead of being still and allowing our purpose to reveal itself to us. I'm not saying stop trying things, but be patient. Everyone doesn't step into their purpose immediately upon asking and all of your experience will lead you to where you need to be. click to tweet

When it comes to expansion know the difference between process and fear. Meaning are you moving at a certain pace because you are abiding by a process or are you moving at a certain pace because you are fearful of what may lie before you?

What are 3 practical steps we can take now in order to manifest creative projects we desire in 2019?

1. Ask with clarity and specificity for what you want.

2. Do the work necessary to prepare for and support your manifestation when it arrives.

3. Research manifestation rituals and consider doing one that resonates with you.

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