The Black Girl In Om List: Shanna Tyler

Interview and introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography by Diana Davis Creative.


The Vulnerability Virtuoso


Shanna Tyler is transparent about her journey with mental health and for many of us, that’s a breath of fresh air. The conversation around mental wellness is increasing within our community and we have people like Shanna to thank for that. After being diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2014, which she reflected on recently on her Instagram, she began practicing ways to rise above a label that she knew wouldn’t define her. Shanna became a yoga teacher, health coach, and her latest win is celebrating year one of her podcast Self Soul Sport. Let us lift up black women in the beginnings of their journeys. Because even there, we make huge waves. Follow Shanna on Instagram @ShannaTyler_ and catch her uplifting blog posts on her website. Have it on your heart to make major moves in the year to come? Book a discovery call with Shanna, maybe she’ll coach you.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

I'm calling an energy of expansion within my life coaching business. I've had an idea to support other entrepreneurial, multi-passionate women who are feeling stuck for a few months now. I've recently launched my business this month. I have a huge vision for this coaching practice to be a way to fill a need for the woman I was two years ago in need of support and mentorship. I cannot wait to bring this energy into this business into 2019!

What was one of your biggest struggles in creating your Self Soul Sport Podcast and how did you rise above it?

My biggest struggles were definitely technical. I've always been more of a creative and front-facing person. It was tough to sit and watch a webinar to learn how to record the podcast, edit the podcast, launch the podcast, figure out how to do the backend work for Apple Podcasts. I rose above it by looking at the bigger picture. Once I had the system, it became easy. Since I'm creative and extroverted, I am easily able to generate ideas, invite guests, create discussions, however that beginning of figuring out how in the world to launch a podcast operationally was the toughest struggle.

If you had to describe your journey from root to rise in three words what would they be?

Rise Above Depression.

What are 3 practical steps can you take now in order to manifest exciting projects you’re envisioning for 2019?

My top three steps would be inviting myself to increase my level of professional relationships by attending more events centered around wellness and entrepreneurship, signing with an agency to better streamline my brand partnerships and collaboration opportunities, and meditating more in the morning to manifest what I want to get done in my coaching business.

What are ways that we can connect more spiritually with others that we encounter on a daily basis?

Listen with your ears and be in the moment. I believe we tend to listen with our mouths. We talk more than we hear. This is something that I've been working on and it's made so much more deeper connections within my existing relationships. For being in the moment, this means not being mentally in the next appointment or meeting or frequently checking the phone for an email or notification. These two changes have made a huge difference in my life.

What is the most powerful lesson you've learned about healing the feminine mind, body, and soul?

Being vulnerable isn't a weakness. click to tweet I've learned that owning my experiences and being vocal about them has really helped in my healing. My therapist, life coach, and team behind me helps tremendously. They all are women and have been the most supportive in this journey of healing my relationships with my mind, body, and soul.

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