Reminder — You Are The Table You’re Asking For A Seat At

By Chante Dyson. Photography By Deun Ivory.


od·ys·sey | \ ˈä-də-sē  \

plural odysseys

1. A long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

2. An intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

I extend infinite gratitude to the Black Girl In Om community and my boss, mentor, and friend Lauren Ash for providing me with one of the greatest revelations that I’ve had while on my creative journey. I was fortunate to attend the Wanderlust Wellspring conference in Palm Springs with the team, talking to amazing WOC who were part of the overall experience and supporting Lauren and Deun while they hosted several panel discussions as well as a live recording of the podcast. The entire experience was breathtaking and a true reminder of how important it is to pour into yourself wholeheartedly while giving yourself the necessary space for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.

I am the type to always be on work-mode even while on vacation. It’s increasingly harder for me to separate my “me” time from the various work that I take on each week. It tends to all become one blurb of “always on.” I know my hustling ladies reading this can relate. Wanderlust Wellspring reminded me to take a break from the world and its many objectives, and to recommit to my inner world and wellbeing.

I had been sitting on my creative ideas for a while, not quite sure how everything would come together and actually manifest in the “real” world. After an hour of sound bathing followed by aerial yoga in the sun, it finally hit me — I am the creator of The Godyssey. I had been pondering on the word “goddess” all year, knowing that the word would be important to the brand I planned to start in some way. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Good Form’ was on repeat, and one pungent line stood out to me from the entire song: “Honestly, on my odyssey!” I was instantly drawn to the word odyssey, not quite sure of the meaning. I looked it up, and suddenly the two words I’d been drawn to recently came together in the most divine way.

Goddess. Odyssey. Godyssey — A spiritual wandering or quest of stepping into one’s goddess power. This is a true reflection of my life, and the journey is so sweet. With the help of an amazing team of badass women, The Godyssey launched officially in March of 2019.

The Godyssey is a creative and entrepreneurial hub designed to encourage women to step into their goddess power through our agency, network, and collective. The ethos behind The Godyssey is the idea that we do not have to ask for a seat at any table, we are our own table. And we have enough divine brilliance and creativity within to sustain ourselves without needing validation from any institution.

The Godyssey means more to me than I’d ever imagined. I am stepping into my goddess power by bringing this community and business to life every day. I am uplifting women around me, as we collaborate to bring forth media, events, and experiences that serve women wholeheartedly, and reflect our innate divine feminine energy.

Too long, we’ve been forced to see ourselves as a mere fraction of our humanness. We’ve been separated and put against each other. We’ve been fed shame and insecurity as bait for greedy capitalists and white supremacists. Today is a new day, a new era where women like myself are continuing to step into their goddess power by knowing exactly who they are and where they come from. Like myself, they trust their gifts and use their power to bring light, greatness, and brilliance to an otherwise dull world. As we continue to rise, we inspire, encourage, and demand freedom for ourselves and for all of the women around us.

I am grateful to have created a community for my goddesses worldwide who are ready to build, create, and expand right now. To step into your goddess power means declaring ownership of your space, world, and fate. It’s allowing your brilliance and innate power to shine through as you expand on your mission. It’s healing the nation and rejoicing along the way. It’s shining and rising with your sisters, and taking the time to ground and pour back into yourself ritualistically. There is a knowing. And when she knows, she is unstoppable.

To kick off an amazing mission, we are hosting multiple brand launch events in different cities this spring/summer! I would love the community at Black Girl In Om to be part of this greatness if we happen to be in a city near you! Camp Godyssey is a wellness day camp for goddess creatives and entrepreneurs to build together in real time. Our kickoff brand launch event will be on March 30th in Los Angeles featuring a keynote conversation with our founder Lauren Ash! Tickets include a vegan cookout & champagne bar, smoke & stretch intermissions with @kenyakush of @womenweedwifi, a keynote conversation with @hellolaurenash, a dancehall class taught by @benedettapatuzzo, a sound healing and meditation with @theliberatedwombman, a social media and mind mapping boot camp with @tyeal, and a conscious creation challenge to close the evening off — plus many more divine surprises!

The intention behind Camp Godyssey is to remind goddesses that we don’t need to ask for a seat at any table, we are our own tables and we have enough divine brilliance and creativity within us to sustain ourselves without needing validation from any institution. All attendees gain access to the after hours pool party, an opportunity for our friends and community to come and party with the goddesses! Sound healing and vibrations provided by @moonflowervibes and @lizzyjeff. I hope to see all of my BGIO Los Angeles sisters at Camp Godyssey on March 30th! All event info can be found by registering at Subscribe to our newsletter for information on when we are coming to your city next!

Chante Dyson is a Los Angeles based creative and founder of The Godyssey. A passionate writer and storyteller at heart, she proudly serves as the Editorial Coordinator of Black Girl In Om. Her mission is to raise the collective consciousness of the planet through her work and multiple mediums. Follow her work more closely through her website and Instagram.