How to Feed Your Revolution: 4 Tips on Staying Sharp in the New World of Woke


When it comes to systematic oppression, the manipulation of our food, water and air systems lead the list. (Keep in mind, the mind needs its own post.) When these needs are compromised due to processed foods, pollution, etc., it greatly reduces our cognitive + physical ability to literally stand up and do better for ourselves, stopping us before we start.

Bad fuel = no “fight.”

Although “hashtag activism” has it’s rightful place in our new tech-laden society, what is done in the physical realm still rules and optimizing your body's most basic functions is the quickest (and cheapest) way to wellness.

Sound body, sound mind. Start here.

  1. Breathe Deep...AF.

Not only is breathing FREE, it’s by far the most excuse proof.

Breathing is something we ALL must do, a necessity that your child, your spouse or your boss cannot “stop” you from make it count.

Did you know that 6 to 10 deep breaths per minute, 10 minutes per day will immediately reduce heart rate and blood pressure? This practice of coherent breathing renews, resets and rewards. More oxygen to the brain allows for more creativity, focus and physical endurance.

Deep breathing is also a great gateway for meditation so allow yourself to go all in (and out and in and out)... Bonus points if you have an air purifier.

Another breathing technique, Pranayama* literally means "to extend the vital life force." This yogic practice also includes “The Breath of Fire” which is an intense technique to work your way up to.

This practice has helped tremendously with my anxiety (and swimming.) One of my most intense experiences was recently in LA with The Wildfire Initiative, a group specializing in breathwork. Read my story here.

2. Drink from the fountain of youth.

Cut up some cukes, slice some lime, water is life.

Most of us miss the subtle signs of dehydration, only noticing it in extreme cases like dizziness or dry skin but dehydration affects sodium and electrolyte levels in the body, which has been linked to cognitive changes. So when you lose your attention span, your brain might need a drink.

Remember, your brain is the organ that needs the most energy. In fact, it’s 75% water!

After spending the night sleeping (AKA repairing) your brain needs hydration. You’ve hopefully spent 7 to 9 hours sleeping. Even though you haven’t sweat, keep in mind with each breath, moisture is lost. Be sure to drink water upon waking.

Generally, an adult female needs about 2.2 liters per day, every 45 minutes or so, which is around time in which attention span starts to decline so…

...don’t forget to hydrate your mind :-)

3. Grow your own food, anywhere.

The politics of food production goes deeper than what simply tastes good. The ingredients that are allowed to go in (or out of) our food is big business. So, to cut out the middleman by growing your own food is indeed an act of revolution!

Ok, so what if you live in a to the wall...with only a sliver of sunlight per day? (Speaking from experience here!)

You start with sprouts. Many varieties can be grown on your kitchen counter in a few days.

I mean….How do you expect to eventually live off the land when you can’t even sprout a seed

Farming is not easy, I’ve been there (and will be back there again). So believe me, the faster you master the basics, the better off you’ll be when your dreams become a reality!

Did you know that sprouts are the most nutrient dense foods on earth? Sprouts have been grown and eaten for thousands of years and are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and protein. In fact, seeds, beans, grains and nuts can and should be always be sprouted for best nutrition + digestion.*

Although I don’t always grow my own sprouts, I always have them on hand. Protein-rich sprouts like pea and sunflower are an essential part of my green juice fast recipe and easy growing sprouts like alfalfa are always included in my salads and wraps. And mung bean sprouts of course are a staple of Chinese food take-out around the world.

Learn more and get started at my favorite sprout shop, Sprout People.

Note: Issues related to contaminations are from the mishandling of commercially grown sprouts. Certified organic seeds are handled in a manner that minimizes any possibility of contamination. Organic seeds have never been implicated in a single case.

4. your faves.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed...all of spirituality’s “heavy hitters” have a fasting story and it wasn’t to lose the last 10 pounds. The practice of fasting can be controversial to some but the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the oldest known treatment to man are undeniable.

Although fasting is quite the opposite of “feeding” the time your body “takes off” from digestion is indeed an opportunity to feed your cells. The exhaustion after eating (AKA “the ‘itis”) is an example of how much energy it takes to digest a meal. Imagine all that energy focused on healing!

Since 2005, I have practiced fasting, with over 30 fasts completed (10-14 days, including The Master Cleanse, living green juice, coconut water etc.) and I can truly attest to its effectiveness. It resets my palate, preserves my sexy, reinstates good habits and the amount of clarity I receive is unmatched, in fact I’ve dubbed it “God Mode.”

Not ready to fast? Consider a “raw food feast” that shares the similar benefits of green juice fasting while still eating (whole, unprocessed, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free foods).

Learn more about my juice fasting program superFAST*, raw food feasts and get more info on my upcoming seasonal group sessions at Superfood School.

BONUS: Bye bye, birth control

In my opinion, generally speaking, the current battle for prescription birth control is not exactly a revolutionary act.…. In a way it’s placing our bodies back on the block, real talk.

At the end of the day, every aspect of our social systems are “in bed” together so it’s worth researching alternatives…starting with your bed!

Consider learning your lunar cycle.

There are several studies that show before the “artificial moon” of electric light, our cycles were much more in-tune. In the grand scheme of humanity we just got electricity like yesterday... and it seems like women were doing well without it!

Mind you this method may take time to figure out, but ultimately your womb is worth it, right? Learn more here*

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Lynnette Astaire is a chef specializing in plant-based food education and fasting of which she has over 10 years of experience. Her online course Superfood School [] empowers people to get more plants on their plates and her in-person events are engaging, educational and entertaining. Originally from the U.S., Lynnette lives between Los Angeles and the Pacific Coast of Mexico where she hosts wellness retreats, workshops (and pretends to surf).