Episode 33 - Higher and Higher: A Lesson in Vibrating Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory chat with writer and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily Lalah Delia. Lalah uses her writing and experiences to create a platform for personal growth, elevation and transformation inspiring others to live more freely in their heart, their mind and their energy by cultivating a lifestyle of higher vibrations. All the good vibes start flowing as these ladies begin to unpack what it means to Vibrate Higher Daily and discuss ways that each of us can start today, wherever we are, on our own path towards deeper connections to ourselves and to the Divine. Let the energy from this talk flow from your headphones or your speakers and into your life. May it guide you to be more mindful in your interactions with yourself and others from this point forward.

For more wisdom on how to Vibrate Higher Daily check out our latest BGIO Beauty Feature on Lalah Delia, read up on protecting your vibe over in Om and follow her on Instagram or Tumblr for daily vibrational musings. Be sure to subscribe to Lalah's mailing list here to be notified when her new website launches!



  • A couple of delicious smoothie gems from Lauren and Deun that are definitely worth adding to your morning routine.
  • Lalah Delia's background, her experiences early on growing up in a world of duality and how one suggestion started her on a path to writing.
  • The relationship between the emotional wounds we carry and how they can reveal themselves in our physical bodies and ways to heal the self outside of the realm of modern medicine.
  • The power given to our community when women of color are transparent and vulnerable in sharing their narrative, their journey and the gift of showing other women how to walk hand in hand with their truth.
  • Lalah, Lauren and Deun's recount on one of our most enriching talks to date with Latham Thomas of Mama Glow and revisit the recurring theme of ancestral healing and remind us that we are a people that survive and thrive because we are linked to each other.
  • Gratitude journaling, one of Lalah and Black Girl In Om's favorite practices, as a way to rewire our minds and begin to change our perspective and our vibration.      
  • Lalah's suggestions for ways you can start to vibrate higher today by entering the womb of your mind, spirit, and creativity through therapeutic salt baths.
  • How we can literally raise our vibration by diving into our brain frequencies through binary beats. (Bonus! Reclaim your energy with Lalah's Energy Cleanse playlist on Spotify.)
  • The idea of rebirth, the meaning behind the magical lotus flower and how to take your power back through vibrational activism.
  • How to get your mind right as Deun Ivory shares a powerful poem that she uses to recenter her mind when it feels off balance.
  • A slower approach to life and the importance of applying this concept to our work and to our often fast paced day to day lives.

"I thank the most high that we live in a time where sisterhood is on this frequency and this level where we're like let's glow up and let's vibrate higher." — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

“Everything is a choice. Even though were presented with really challenging circumstances, we do have a choice in how we respond.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet

“We are not here to suffer but to overcome and go on and help others do the same.” — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

“The unveiling of your narrative is powerful.” — @deunivory Click to Tweet

"I encourage you to tell your story. Your story is your way." — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

"There is so much strength in you being transparent and raw." — @deunivory Click to Tweet

“Whatever financial status you’re in, wherever you are on your journey, you can vibrate higher from there.” — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

“Preventative self-care is key.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet

“As you step into alignment, you start responding instead of reacting.” — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

"I'm just levitating." — @deunivory Click to Tweet

“The experience of being grounded and inner peace is not something I would change for the world.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet

“Slow living is taking our power back to say we are living from a place of soul and spirit.”  — @LalahDelia Click to Tweet

"Once you slow down you are more inclined to do things that are self affirming and aligned with self love.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet