Episode 20 — "On Getting Clear, Staying True with Hey Fran Hey: Being of Service to your Vision and Others without Sacrificing your SELF"

Francheska Medina, lovingly known as Hey Fran Hey, has had to learn to find balance, say no, and discern what’s best for her life just like anyone else. In this episode, BGIO Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash and BGIO Art Director Deun Ivory chat with lifestyle influencer and fellow wellness podcaster Fran about the power of establishing boundaries, recalibrating your energy, and being intentional about how and what you focus your energies on. Fran gets vulnerable in sharing her personal journey of self-healing from a life-threatening health scare and how listening to her body and reassessing her relationship to work and lifestyle choices ultimately led her toward holistic wellness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone standing at a crossroads in your career, lifestyle, and health, or anyone who needs a reminder about the power of intention and loving, supportive relationships.

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  • Lauren and Deun’s latest developments for Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash: their Black Girl Magic collection is here, ya’ll
  • How Fran finds balance as a creative entrepreneur with multiple projects including The Friend Zone podcast, her Supernatural Wellness tour, website and YouTube channel, and more
  • Fran’s journey of learning how she can be of most service to others and to herself, through establishing boundaries, saying no, and only committing to projects that she’s 100% about
  • How it’s okay to let yourself chill out and experience rejuvenation and rest 
  • Deun and Lauren’s recent revelations with their journeys as creative entrepreneurs, which Fran affirms even more in this conversation
  • How Fran learned to heal herself after a life threatening/altering illness and, in doing so, recalibrated her health, sparked her curiosity in holistic wellness, and trickled out to (many!) others to form her platform Hey Fran Hey
  • The importance of mindfulness with social media and the digital space
  • Fran’s tips and suggestions for cultivating healthy supporting relationships with other women

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