Episode 17— A Chat about Skincare with The Glow Expert: Siraad Dirshe

In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory talk all things skincare with beauty writer and BGIO contributor Siraad Dirshe. Lauren and Deun ask their pressing skincare questions and the three ladies dive into how to become a beauty writer, the importance of representation in the beauty world, Siraad’s favorite beauty trends, DIY beauty and more! Be sure to continue to follow Siraad's journey on her Instagram page @sdirshe.

This episode is sponsored by Mented Cosmetics. Mented Cosmetics is an upscale beauty line launching with six gorgeous nude lip shades made specifically for black and brown beauties. Founded by two Harvard Business School graduates, Mented is flipping the beauty industry on its head by unapologetically placing women of color at the forefront.

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  • How Lauren and Deun approach skin care and their recent move toward more plant-based products
  • How Siraad got into the beauty industry and beauty writing
  • The relationship between holistic wellness and great skin
  • The importance of sunscreen and SPF
  • What plant-based skincare brand Lauren and Deun love
  • How to take a DIY approach to skincare
  • How to establish a skincare ritual

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