The Black Girl In Om List: lalah delia

Interview and introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography courtesy Lalah Delia.

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The High Vibe Priestess


Lalah Delia embodies the divine feminine. Her essence? Nurturing, calm, and a quiet, yet steady strength. Her values? Here’s a short list: to vibrate higher daily. Founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, a multifaceted space offering classes on topics like thought management and relationship cleansing, Lalah officially launched this spiritual platform at the top of this year after amassing a curious and invested global community of (mostly) women longing to live their lives vibrationally based. Importantly, Lalah took her time developing this space. She resists societal pressures to create quickly and launch her blossoming ideas before someone else put out something similar. Lalah trusts that her path is Divinely timed. She epitomizes what it means to root down and get quiet as an angel so that only she can hear her inner voice and move forward only from that space of sacred solitude. In today’s world, you know how hard that is. Get blessed: it’s @LalahDelia on Instagram and also on Twitter. I’m personally investing in all of her online classes to start 2019 off right, who’s with me?

What is your go-to practice for grounding yourself?

I love this question. I have many. The practice I go to first is always–breath. Calming the breath, for me, is multitasking, because not only is it rebalancing my breathing, it’s also stilling my spirit, quieting my mind, as well as guiding my vibration to a higher place. When my mind is calm, I’m able to think with greater clarity, awareness, and presence. And from here, I’m ready to operate from a more poised and graceful vibration. This space, I’ve come to learn, is where and when I’m able to align with and function at a higher potential. Breathwork just helps my whole system reset: my nervous system especially.

And then there are baths, also key for me, to soak away whatever could be going on. For instance, any busyness, stress, or accumulated body tension, from the day or week. It’s all energy. And through bathing, this energy has a path to release and exit the mind and body. The water, oils, and bath salts carry it all away. I’m loyal to baths because of this. The air and water elements are life! Literally.

There’s always daily spiritual connection through prayer and also listening to music that uplifts my spirit, such as my my Energy Cleanse playlist. Music has a therapeutic way of connecting to the soul. It re-centers me. I also use music to tap into certain brain waves, which allows me to align better with, and support, whatever tasks I’m engaging with, or that are at hand. Music can be a powerful partner in whatever you’re doing. It helps you flow through your process. Also known as brain entrainment, which ‘binaural beats’ are amazing for. And then at other times I just want to slow down and flow in the space of silence and solitude. We’re so busy and our days can become so filled with inner and outer noise. Enjoying silence and solitude are also essential for me. Unplugging is oh so sacred.

Considering the past year, the powerful changes you’ve been through, including launching your platform and sharing your offerings as a spiritual guide, What do you wish someone would have told you about being on the rise before your latest ascension really took off for you?

For a long time, I had fear about stepping out. Can I really be an entrepreneur? Can I do this on my own? Fear kept me back in that way, and more. For a long time, entrepreneurship and success looked so different than it does right now. What we’re doing and witnessing is entirely new. We’re experiencing a new wave and way of what business, occupation, and career opportunities, look and feel like. The world has shifted in this way, and it continues to. There weren’t a whole lot of people doing it a few years ago or even a couple of years ago. Having a career path and business that is vibrational-based or spiritual-based was not much of a solid thing, or reality, within mainstream culture. When I would try my best to explain what it is that I do, people were like, “So what is that.” And they still do. This is a new era. How divine! Enter the woke, spiritual, wellness, creative, intentional, and vibrational centered and based businesses. However, all of that meshes up together. See how I can’t even describe it adequately? It’s all still unfolding–as we go. And I’m beyond grateful and excited about this ascension and shift happening in the greater world.

There’s no human language for it.

Perfect, yes. There’s no human language for it really. It’s more of a feeling and an experience. It’s just a vibration you embody and witness. We’re in this new time where your vibrational goals, your spiritual path, and your career path, are all connected if you allow it to be so. So entering this new space was a bit fearful for me at the beginning, because of it being so new and unseen before. And I didn’t always have a place to fully guided or to look and see anyone doing what I was being led to do: concerning sharing the message of vibrational-based living. I would come across many similar beautiful paths, but they were still different, and not my unique calling and path. For me, it was also about trusting my process and the timing of it, even when it was a slower start. Slow living and slow creating are my paths. So just trusting the timing of my process was vital, liberating, and empowering. Going back to fear: once I launched the website and did the first class. I was like: this is it? This was so easy. And it was so much fun! And still is! (Laughs)


I was like: wait a minute? Stepping out of your comfort zone changed and opened up everything.  I’ve heard mother Oprah, Maya Angelou, Mooji, Will Smith, and many others speak on fear and how on the other side of it is your greatest experience waiting to happen. This was so true for me. So much so. Pushing through that fear opened up a whole new door of opportunities. My whole life has never been the same since. It’s changed for the better. Believing myself in that way taught me so much. To be able to say yes, here’s fear, but I'm going to move through it, it's going to stop me,  and I will keep moving forward in that direction of my heart and purpose, was a gamechanger. The other part is: you don’t have to be perfect to start. And you don’t have to have all the tools that you think you need to start. I’m a retired perfectionist. I used to want all the things in place to get started. But my website and this work were not having it. I had to start where I could–and did. Everything that I needed eventually came to me. As you go to meet it, it comes to you. It didn’t come by sitting and waiting unproductively, I had to go out and meet it. That’s definitely a thing that no one told me that I wish they did.

That's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of that. It definitely resonates with me as well, and it's so interesting because when you hear a lot of the things that people do share in the way of advice, there's nothing like the real thing. There's nothing like you experiencing it yourself, so it's necessary for that to happen. next question, I think you'll love this. Share a message to your highest self, the woman of your dreams who has risen.

I definitely would send a message of, thank you. I am on my way even when it's an uphill journey. I'm on my way to meet you, and I thank you for your guidance and your support through it all. And I thank you for always finding a channel to reach me because this world that I'm in can be so distracting and so busy. So thank you for being creative in how you meet me, communicate to me, and reveal to me that you're here a guide. All love and gratitude.

I love that your message to your higher self was also so deeply rooted in gratitude because that like, that's everything and we know this. So for you to just like lead with the gratitude, that's powerful. Wow. what are ways that we can connect more spiritually with others that we encounter on a daily basis?

That's beautiful. I would say to always know that in the grand scope of it, like when we zoom out of our own personal lives, everything is connected. We are all from the same source, no matter what gender, what race, whatever it is, that we are from one source. That helps to put things into the perspective of, okay, we're all here thriving as best as we can and as one. In most cases, this person or that person is doing the best they can, where they are at the moment. Just like I am. That’s a huge grounding connection. I also practice being present with whoever I’m with. The act of presence is a gift to the person that you're with.

Another thing that I do—just a way that I communicate maybe partially due to my sign as cancer–because we're the mother energy — is I often see others, as their sweet inner-child. This allows me to connect from a space of nurturing and pure love.

From this place, I ask: how can I serve them in this moment? This helps me to show up from a place of unconditional love, what we all need more of in the world. And I say to any man that may be reading this, you can connect to your paternal energy and through the sacred masculine, as well. I feel that when we connect through these sacred energies, we become a powerful conduit and are able to hold space in a wider way for others.

I love that. What is your advice to other women of color when it comes to expanding their vision and or purpose?

I definitely say that it's important to number one: make sure the vibration of your life is supporting your expansion.

Because if our lives are not supporting it, then it's doing the opposite and causing our lives to contract. Manifesting takes expanding. I’ve experienced this to be so. A sister in the work, Lacy Phillips of Free & Native, has a great platform on this very topic. It's helpful to have expanders/teachers in your life that are already doing what you desire to do, or similar, regarding well being, spirituality, relationship, parenting, career, lifestyle, wellness, self-discipline, and so on.

And if you don't know anyone personally, to expand you, then look for someone virtually. Or, from another time period even, which is my favorite way. Read their articles, follow their work, whatever it is, just get into it. This inspiration energy really opens things up for you and within you. So these are some of the ways we can expand.

And for women of color, I would definitely say to honor the ancestors always, because you are an expansion of their vision and they can be yours.

Also, think about the people that you'll be expanding one-day. You're a future ancestor yourself. May the work you do and the way you live your life, be rich in passion, vibration, and higher purpose. click to tweet May it serve the world in the way that you desire it to–legacy wise. Our generation has to return to thinking about legacy because that's what’s sustaining us even now, the legacy of the many passionate souls who came before us.

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