The Black Girl In Om List: Jenné Claiborne.

Interview and introduction by Chanté Dyson. Photography courtesy Jenné Claiborne.

jenne claiborne

The Vibrant Vegan


Vegan chef Jenné Claiborne radiates beauty and is a true inspiration to our community. Her phenomenal cookbook Sweet Potato Soul has helped so many people realize that a vegan lifestyle is both accessible and mouth-watering delicious. Especially for my southern folks, Jenné’s charming personality and love for soul food is enough to get a follow on her popular, inspiring Instagram or her viral YouTube channel. A champion for eco-friendly living and ethical consciousness, Jenné encourages us to show more compassion through our everyday lifestyle choices—and in doing so encourages us to get to a mindful, rooted place. Ethical practices and success defined outside of her career motivates her to continue living in a way that sparks raised consciousness for us all. Hopefully you’ve already listened to Jenné’s why on our classic BGIO Podcast episode with her, but if not, let her wisdom how how she roots to rise provide you with something you need. Follow Sweet Potato Soul herself on Instagram @SweetPotatoSoul and connect with her on Facebook @SweetPotatoSoul. Don’t forget her YouTube channel the next time you’re feeling hungry.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

I'm about to have a baby, so I guess that's where I'm expanding the most in the coming years: as a mom. I'm not sure where my career is going, but I expect expansion in that area as well. Right now I'm just very open to all sorts of possibilities.

How do you stay rooted in purpose as you are growing as an entrepreneur?

I'm constantly reminding myself of my mission statement and why I started this vegan entrepreneurial journey to begin with. For me, the mission is to help others adopt and maintain a vegan lifestyle because it's the most sustainable, compassionate, and healing lifestyle for most people. click to tweet That helps me stay focused and committed when work gets difficult, and it helps me to stay true to myself when I'm creating new content.

What do you wish someone told you about being on the rise?

Perhaps that being on the rise is a subjective experience, and to stay humble at every stage of your journey. I have accomplished many of my career and life goals, yet I sometimes feel like I'm starting at square one and I don't know how to maintain my success. So it's important to celebrate your successes (easier said than done, for me), and recognize all that you have to be grateful for at every step of your journey.

If you had to describe your journey from root to rise in three words what would they be?

Confidence, ambition, and clarity.

How has your definition of success evolved as you've risen into who you are today?

Career success isn't life fulfilling to me, so it's no longer my focus. Instead I focus on being successful in sticking to my values, being an inspiration to others, my relationships with others, and caring for myself.

What are 3 practical steps we can take now in order to manifest those business and ENTREPRENEURIAL projects in 2019?

Start by setting goals that you can accomplish in 3 months. They should be big enough to challenge you, but not too big that they're nearly impossible to reach. Then work backwards to create a super detailed plan for how you'll accomplish the goals. You know how to accomplish the goal, and it often takes breaking it down into baby steps to see the way forward. By breaking down the steps you'll be able to work towards your goal a little bit every day without being overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole project.

What are 3 things that we should make sure are in our kitchen cabinets right now?

Nuts and seeds, beans, and whole grains.

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