Black Girl In Om List: Elisa Shankle

Interview and Introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography courtesy Elisa Shankle.


The Space Creator


Elisa Shankle knows what it’s like to lose someone dear to you. She knows what it’s like to fight like hell to open a place worth building a home for an underserved community. And she knows what intense anxiety in the workplace feels like. Nevertheless she persisted. From afar, you might get it twisted and think Elisa finds ease wherever she goes. Heal Haus, which she co-founded with Darian Hall earlier this year, has quickly become a sought-after inclusive space to practice healing as a lifestyle. Trust me: building from the ground up ain’t easy. Elisa finds ways to stay rooted throughout this rise, however: meditation helps. For any aspiring entrepreneur in the space of wellness: learn from Elisa. Move with authenticity and take good care of you. Visit Elisa in Brooklyn at HealHaus and enjoy one of their incredible smoothies, gentle or empowering yoga classes, or illuminating workshops. Stay in touch with Elisa on Instagram @ElisaShankle and @HealHaus.

What is your go-to practice for grounding yourself?

My number 1 go to is always an epsom salt bath with lavender oil to detox my body, mind, and spirit. I am super empathic, and being in a healing space all day and interacting with people, I need to constantly drain myself and ground my energetic field. Additionally, I am reiki attuned and I try to do reiki on myself at least a couple of times a week to clear myself. Nervines are a must in the form of tinctures and medicinal teas to keep my nervous system strong and to stay connected to my body. I take my mental health very seriously! Meditation always works.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

I have been rapidly expanding for the last two years both professionally and personally, and I would say the biggest thing that is happening are that old ideals are not serving me any longer. I used to abide by societal norms and those are slowly exploding and I am becoming free of any idea of how my life is supposed to unfold. There has been absolute energetic freedom in this happening because I am able to hold space for the things that serve me now, as opposed to old paradigms.

What was one of your biggest struggles in creating Heal Haus and how did you rise above it?

What I didn’t expect upon opening HealHaus was that we were giving birth to a baby and what that entails. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 8 years, but nothing prepares you for brick and mortar. Having your own physical space requires so many things, and being able to delegate is super important. We currently don’t have a manager and are doing everything ourselves. That being said, in order to generate growth and bigger picture ideas I need to be able to free up my time from the day to day.

What is your advice to other black women when it comes to expanding their vision?

I would say number 1 would be go hard or go home. If you are going to elevate an idea and create something expansive, you must put your heart, mind, and spirit in to it. click to tweet Aesthetically make sure it looks fly, and additionally it always helped for it to be rooted in your purpose. The ability for me to continue to create requires me to be connected to what I am doing.

What are 3 practical steps we can take now in order to manifest projects we are excited about in 2019?

Start living in your true self.

Make clear decisions about what you want your life to look like, and commit to it.

And most importantly take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health first and foremost, it's what fuels everything.

What is the most powerful lesson you've learned about healing the feminine mind, body, and soul?

That the greatest source of creation comes from the inside, so in order to extract it, you must first take the inward journey to self-realize it.

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