The Black Girl In Om List: Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells.

Interview by Chelcee Loraine. Introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography courtesy Dossé-Via.

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The Sage Scorpio


Dossé-Via’s journey is the epitome of what it means to root to rise. By starting with herself as the source of her own fascination and curiosity, she started a spiritual-astrological community exponentially growing by the day. Because of her commitment, she has created a creative a personally inspiring career that allows her to transform lives while living her best one. Prioritizing how she feels and her and her family’s core desires over rationale and societal norms, she now finds herself raising her children closer to their elders and simultaneously creates experiences for more of us of the diaspora to find home and connection in our motherland. Dossé-Via emphasizes getting to know yourself. As you step into 2019, we can’t wait to hear what comes from doing so. Let her journey inspire you and stay in touch with her on Instagram @Dossevia.

Can you start by telling us how KnowtheZodiac came to be? What inspired you to this work?  

I've been interested in astrology ever since I was a child. My hobby was reading my own natal chart and doing them for my friends and family. When I was a freshman at USC, I started a Twitter account called @ScorpioMystique, and began sharing facts about my zodiac sign, Scorpio, just for fun. The account grew exponentially and generated nearly 200,000 followers over the years. Once I saw how many people were resonating with my work, I expanded and created @KnowTheZodiac, an astrology platform for all zodiac signs. I'm inspired to do this work because astrology has served as a tool for self-love and self-understanding, and I'm passionate about awakening others to this tool as well. I've created a platform that helps humans be more spiritually in tune, and that makes me happy.

I know you've also birthed a few more beauties, a son, a move to West Africa and an opportunity for others to join you through Magic & Melanin. Once you have a vision what practices do you take to make it rise? And, what inspired the move?

Visualization is a huge part of my manifestation process. Once I have a vision in my mind's eye, I know that it can become reality. It's all a matter of working my way backwards. I plant the intention as a seed in fertile soil, I water it consistently, put in the work, and watch it bloom. But I'm also aware that I should remain open to the way my vision manifests. It sometimes takes form in a different way than I originally envisioned, and that's part of the journey and the fun. That's what happened with our move to the Motherland.

A few years back, my husband and I discussed wanting to raise our children abroad. Since I'm a French citizen as well, we initially thought we'd start off by moving to Paris, and then later to West Africa. But we went to Togo together in January 2017, and then again at the end of 2017, and we simply felt in our spirit that we had to move our family there. We often let our vibrations and inner knowing inspire our decisions, even if they seem wild to other people. It simply felt right, so we started planning our move. We wanted to raise our children in an afrocentric environment, where the values of family and community were a norm. We wanted to be closer to my grandmother, my last remaining grandparent. And we wanted to intimately know our roots, and for our children to know theirs too.

Our decision to move to the Motherland gave birth to the creation of our immersion experience, Magic and Melanin. Our trips to West Africa are specifically offered to humans of the African diaspora who'd like to reconnect with the Motherland. We're not a general tourism company, but a spiritually-oriented experience curator that helps those who were displaced from West Africa return to their roots and rediscover their homeland. We couldn't keep the magic of West Africa all to ourselves, so we were inspired to use our privilege to uplift the Black community as a whole. Journaling, yoga and setting intentions are three of my grounding practices that help my visions rise.

You've once said that astrology is where science and spirituality meet. How has astrology helped you in your own spiritual journey?

Astrology has helped me become aware of my strengths, my areas of improvement, my suppressed desires, and my secret longings. It serves as a way to get to know myself on a profound level. It also reminds me of the cyclical and changing nature of life, which helps me release the urge to control everything. I've become more empathetic to human nature by reminding myself that everything is interconnected. The more I know myself and love myself, the better able I am to know and love others.

What advice would you give women venturing into astrology for the first time? Where should they start?

One of my favorite books is The Inner Sky by Stephen Forrest. He has a great way of explaining astrology, no matter what level you're at. But I'd advise astrology enthusiasts to not spend forever reading books, but rather dive into the practice. Once you know the basics, start studying your own chart first. Get to know it intimately. Research the alignments and the different planetary aspects and their various interpretations. Choose the interpretations that resonate with you most. Keep an astrology journal where you track the moon cycles and their influences on you. Astrology is a language that takes patience and practice to become fluent in.

What was one of your biggest struggles in creating your platform and how did you rise above it?

One of my biggest struggles was learning to delegate, grow a team and ask for help. As a Scorpio with a Virgo Moon, I can be very stubborn and protective of my work. But once I had my first child, Nova, I realized just how much I was overextending myself, and it became impossible to try to manage everything on my own. My daughter helped me learn to let go and rise above my fears. I used my social network as a support system. My best friends are also into astrology, and I asked them to help me grow KnowTheZodiac. They've been a tremendous help, and KTZ has become a better brand as a result of this expansion.

What is your advice to other WOC when it comes to expanding their vision/purpose?

Trust your intuition when you keep having visions of what your next step should be. You could read endless articles on entrepreneurship and growing a business, but ultimately it comes down to your philosophy and your way of working. What works for one entrepreneur may not work for you. Ultimately, your lifestyle should be a reflection of your purpose, and your purpose should make you feel free. click to tweet Be intentional in the decisions that you make. Make choices that liberate you and those around you, and your expansion will be organic and exponential.

If your had to describe your journey from root to rise in three words what would they be?

Passion brings progress.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

Forgiveness. I am working to release past wounds, and not be defined by them. I'm working on being my own healer first and foremost, especially since I offer so much healing to others.

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