Why I Ride with Dreamchasers

By Thea Monyee. Photo by Deun Ivory.

Societies are defined by their dreamchasers, their limit-pushers, their risk-takers. These are the folks that take the dare, create something from nothing, and force us to see the world differently. We often greet these worldbenders with resistance and hesitation because they challenge our comfort zones in ways that make us feel vulnerable and uncertain. I‘d like to explore some of the ways dreamchasers make the world, and us, better. 

Dreamchasers bear the hallmark of being creative. Their mediums can vary from music and dance to coding and finance. What makes dreamchasers stand out is not only their willingness to creatively challenge mainstream perspectives, but that they trust their creative vision, even when others cannot see it.  

Being a dreamchaser requires a mountains of perseverance! Remember, they are charged with convincing others that the unseen, exists. The path between vision and manifestation is littered with mistakes, failed attempts, and reasons to give up. Dreamchasers prove that we can choose to look at these mistakes as lessons and each failed attempt as a step closer to success, 

Dreamchasers are able to persevere through the pitfalls of their path because they are optimists. When we look over the darkest moments in human history we see these dimly lit lanterns in the prose and poetry of the oppressed and the downtrodden. Keeping a dreamchaser in your life is a beautiful reminder to look for the light. 

Every dreamchaser has a method to their madness. In the midst of this crazy world they remain committed to routines that provide them with the structure needed to turn dreams into reality. From waking up at the crack of dawn to chase dreams before our children wake up for school, to foregoing relationships and interactions to stay focused on the task at hand, their sacrifices and discipline keeps them moving forward on days when the goal post feels far away. Many people fear this level of commitment because they are afraid that they will not measure up, but nothing could be further from the truth. Through discipline, dreamchasers do more than hold themselves to a higher standard, they push us all to do the same. 

Present in the Process
Having goals is an important part of being a dreamchaser, but it is not what sustains them. What sustains a dreamchaser is being present in the process. Once a dreamchaser has established a goal for themselves, they stop looking at the goal and begin to look at each step. Why? Because most goals worth having are long-term, which means it will be a while before you reap the reward of reaching that goal. Dreamchasers find their joy in the steps. Dreamchasers acknowledge spiritual wealth that is accumulated along the way. Being present keeps dreamchasers humble, and ensures that they will have the stamina to chase multiple dreams in a lifetime. 

Submission of Ego
Dreamchasers chase their dreams through rain, mud, up mountains, and through valleys. Along the way pieces of ego are slowly peeled away by the setbacks, the rejection, and the wrong turns, leaving behind the naked truth: The dream is bigger than the dreamer. What keeps a true dreamchaser going is not what this dream can do for them, but what this dream will mean to everyone around them. On the surface it may seem like dreamchasers are fame-seekers, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you have the opportunity to see one up close, you will see that they are powered by a belief that what they are chasing matters more than their own life.

Perhaps the greatest virtue of a dreamchaser is gratitude. Whether it is a five dollar donation, a hot meal when they are studying, or showing up to a small event, they are appreciative of every single ounce of support they are given. It can be difficult to believe in things the world has not yet embraced. Often dreamchasers feel isolated in their struggle and hide the underbelly of their journeys from others. Showing up and acknowledging their efforts means more than you could ever imagine. 

It does not take much to become a dreamchaser. If you have an idea, a thought, or a vision that could change the world, even just a little, and you are willing to face a few fears, then welcome! There are millions of us here to support and to appreciate you for all the ways you push us forward!



Thea Monyee contributes to BGIO to join forces with black women who re-member their powerful abilities, and consider it a part of their divine journey to assist other black women to re-member theirs. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Thea stays connected to her highest self through yoga, chakra meditation, reiki, crystal healing, and spending time with nature and loved ones. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook using the handle @theamonyee.