What Is It?

By Noemie Tshinanga

I think a lot of us have been conditioned to think or live a certain way at some point of our lives. And then there’s a moment in our conditioned ways where something feels off. There’s something within our comfort level that no longer feels comfortable. Which can’t make sense because we’re comfortable, right? So we ignore this feeling, this inkling, and keep moving. But the feeling comes back and over time, it gets louder and we can no longer ignore it.

“It” can represent anything. For me, “it” is the person and desire that I have for my future and others. “It” hides behind many layers of limitation, toxicity, and manipulation. To retrieve “it”, I must uncover those layers and acknowledge them. I have to trace the source and ask why. I have to have conversations that I never wanted to have. I have to embrace truths and lies. Essentially, I have to be my most vulnerable self to fully understand why this “it” is so important to me.

During this process of finding “it” and understanding “it”, I have to be flexible with myself. Give myself space to feel. To admit I don’t have it together. To feel lost and stuck and accept it. All the while by staying afloat.

While this process is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure, there’s a sense of peace over me. And I strongly believe, through healing, that peace is what you’re looking for once you finally understand what “it” is.


Noemie Tshinanga is a curious, loving human being who wants to create for the rest of her life. She spends most of her time in some form of creation whether developing websites, designing visual aesthetics for brands, or capturing the life that surrounds her with her camera. Follow Noemie on Instagram @noemiemarguerite and view her personal website: www.noemie-marguerite.com