Well + Worthy Women: We Deserve to Hold Space

by Brianne Patrice. photography by Deun Ivory.

I am forever reminded of the importance it is to hold space for one another. For us to celebrate both the highs and the lows of this communal gathering known as womanhood.

There’s this idea that’s been swirling around in my head about “radical self acceptance”. This notion that we as women, black women especially, have the innate power to break free of our mental and emotional prisons and choose the lighter option--ourselves. It’s this idea, this action and personal declaration to both self-discovery and freedom allowing us to act in kindness and true appreciation, something I’m sure we all could use more of. 

You are my sister as I am yours. My blood courses through you, as yours does through me and this air in which we breathe is a gentle reminder of the past and present moment we must choose to acknowledge and appreciate.

We are never at war with one another.

Not how the world wants us to be. 

We shed the same tears and house the same fears. These scars that are etched across our bodies and ingrained into our skin serve as a historical timeline, remnants of the wars we’ve fought, the battles we’ve won and the jobs we’ve yet to finish-- together we are an eternal army. 

A boisterous one.

Constantly marching about this world, rioting and speaking up for the change we wish to see while still remaining gentle and soft enough to be the wives our husbands need, the mothers our children look up to and the “hey girl” to our girlfriends--we are a multifaceted creature.

A multidimensional one that doesn’t have to pick and choose who and what she wants to be because we are already all of it and then some. 

Our work is never done. 

Even after our bodies have withered and our tired ol’ bones have laid to rest-- the lessons that we've taught, the words that we’ve spoken and the souls that we’ve gathered will continue to root, rise and take shape in ways that perhaps you and I could not. Our journey is everlasting. 

We are the creators. The life givers of this realm. And our stories deserve space. BUT, it is up to us to provide it to them. To give voice in a world that demands our silence. 

Too often do we as black women attach our identity to our hurt and our pain. Too often do we choose to settle, refuse to speak up and/or correct out of fear of displacement so this month is our manifesto, re-written. As Well and Worthy Women these are the stories and the lessons of our mothers and our grandmothers. Of their mothers and their mothers’ mother. These tales of well and worthy women who have defied odds, broken barriers and dismantled entire systems. These women who have shed light and ignited change are the very women that we must choose to celebrate because the world will never do it. 

Without them these spaces in which we have right to occupy would be nothing more than a hope and a dream waiting to be—actualized. 

They are the example.
And we are the outcome.

Thus, this month is for them. It is for you. And it is for us.  

Sister circle. Girl tribe. Squad goals. These aren't just phrases or cute lil’ sayings. They stretch far beyond an IG caption, a hashtag or a Twitter update, they hold weight in the way that we as women carry one another. It is our love language. An ancestral bond that speaks to the way we love and support one another. A testament to the accountability we carry for each other.  And an uproar in how we defend—together. 

These are our mirrors. 

Our reflections. Our proven possibility that life begins and ends at the opening and closing of our hips. We are life in its purest and most vulnerable form. 

So right now, today, we at Black Girl In Om invoke our right to boast loudly and shout heavily about all the things that we are, all the things we are not and all the things that we deserve---because we do deserve. And we are inviting you to do the same.

We are the life that creates. The life that exists so that others can too.


We’d love to hear your pitches on how you and the women in your life are Well and Worthy Women. Who would you be without them? Without the strength that each one has passed down from generation to generation. Where would you be without your girlfriends? Your sister-tribe, your community of support collectively telling you that you are capable. That you are necessary. That you are needed. Send your pitches or a 600-850 word piece to Editor@BlackGirlInOm.com

Brianne Patrice is a writer, author and an intuitive-lead healer. She is a Brooklyn based full-time creative entrepreneur who sits as Editor of SelfishBabe, Sad Moms Club and as Contributing Editor of Sad Girls Club. She moonlights as a photographer and helps small businesses with their creative and social media marketing. And she serves as a wellness coach who believes heavily in healing through our sensual and sexual self. You can follow her on instagram under her IG handle @briannepatrice.