Fueling My Creativity Through My Nightly Beauty Routine


Lately my nightly beauty routine has become a ritual for me. I work in the film/television
industry in NYC and my workday ranges anywhere between 12 to 18 hour days. Living in NYC is
energy-draining in itself, so when I get home from my day, I am completely drained – mentally,
physically and creatively.  

Prior to my nightly beauty routine, I would just go to sleep. Most of the time I wouldn’t even
wash my face (I know that’s so terrible), but I was just too tired and unmotivated. I would get
into bed and go to sleep, resulting in me waking up like a zombie the next morning -- which
would reflect on how I carried myself throughout the day. I noticed that a lot of people in NYC
walk around like zombies: glued to their phones and in their own little bubble. I didn’t want to
be like that anymore – I find inspiration through my daily tasks and the beauty of my
surroundings, so I wanted live less like a zombie and more intentional.  

I desired a way to change being so drained. I wanted to protect my creativity while working
extremely long hours. The challenges that I faced while searching for ways to get my creativity
and peace back were me being too lazy to change. Once I realized my laziness was keeping me
from living intentionally; I found my solution.  I curated a nightly beauty routine and now I go to sleep relaxed and completely prepared for my following day.  

Every night I light my favorite vanilla scented candle from Orchid Brooklyn in my room. This
candle brings me happiness because it’s owned by a black girl from Brooklyn named Michaela,
and I love supporting other black girls! I then take a hot shower (which has become my source
of meditation). I meditate on the day, what I need to accomplish, and my goals while the hot
water acts as a cleanser for washing my stress and woes of my day away. To me, showering is
no longer something I do just to maintain good hygiene. Taking a shower is caring and loving

After my shower, I return to my beautifully scented room and moisturize my body and face.I
take my time with moisturizing my face because skincare is very important to me. I love having
glowing skin and I take pride it making sure my face is moisturized. I then use my facial Jade
roller and roll it over my face – this helps with bloating as well as soothing my skin. Jade rollers
help with stimulating the lymphatic system which results in reducing puffiness/bloating. I also
spray a few pumps of my favorite fragrance, “You” by Glossier on my body. Going to bed
smelling great is a lovely feeling.  

I listen to music that soothes my soul (currently “Neo” by South African artist Mpho Sebina) and
get into bed feeling relaxed. I like to journal a bit before bed. I journal about everything and
anything that comes to mind. Putting a pen to paper and filling the paper with my thoughts is
very therapeutic to me. I believe that writing down your thoughts can help you through any difficult situation that you are going through.

Sometimes I don’t feel like talking to anyone after a long day, and writing in my journal is what I do to vent about whatever I am going through.  Praying and internally having a conversation with God is also part of my nightly routine. I am a Christian and talking to God reminds me that I am never alone in this world. I think as humans, we often feel alone, but with me knowing that God is my healer, I never feel alone anymore.  

I blow out my candle and go to bed after journaling and purging my thoughts and feelings and
talking to God (I make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night – which is also part of my
nightly beauty routine). Getting enough sleep is just as important to me as hydrating my body
with enough water throughout the day. When I don’t get enough sleep, I can immediately see it
in my face and skin. Sleeping also helps me with maintaining my weight and my mental clarity.
I’ve noticed that by doing all of these things, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. I am more creative and purposeful throughout the day as well.  

I went from being exhausted creatively to having new ideas flow to me naturally because of the
curation of my nightly beauty routine.

Kelsey-Marie is a Brooklyn based creative working in the film/television industry. She is also the founder of www.trinidadianlove.com.