Mindful Shifts: 10 Affirmations To Empower The Bloom

By De’yanna George. Photography By Deun Ivory.

Shift is the momentum for change, the question is how can we do it with grace? 

Yoga has been an amazing agent of awareness strengthening. I remember my instructor saying something that stuck with me, “How you practice on the mat is how you live your life.” My chaturangas from that day forward were never the same! I started to apply that to everything in  life. The way I look for a lost item, the way I drive, and the way I eat is also a reflection of the way that I live, my value and my morals. Just as the way we think impacts our mood and our bodies. Affirmations are the foundation of change in my life, but of course it takes holding yourself accountable to be willing - Be willing to thrive, rise, surrender or be whatever the shift allows you to show up as. Shifting requires you to shed skin, awaken, rebirth. The pain you’re used to carrying will no longer serve you on the journey ahead. External circumstances will not determine your drive. It continues to reveal the areas in our life that need strengthening allowing us to become more zeal and centered. 

“I am shifting gracefully through change” 

Most of the time when things aren’t going the way we want them to go we label the experience “bad,” or “wrong” when it’s really just open opportunities to create more of an elated or beneficial experience. That is why it is so important to be in flow with life. Sometimes we feel stagnant like it’s only going in a tiresome cycle. Understand that there is something that needs to adjust, a lesson to still be learned, and that in itself requires a shift in your inner world, in your thoughts and emotions, and even in your physical activity. Its vital to acknowledge and reflect where there can be more focus and improvement, but also understanding there is wisdom in imbalance. In the spiritual world, you are always in balance because every experience is, again, the opportunity to create motion and action to maintain equilibrium. As soon as a system achieves equilibrium, something shifts. It is learned that shift is always happening in some shape, way, or form in some area of our life whether It be relationships, family, health, career, and/or finances. We must create a momentum that best works for ourselves. 

“I am in balance with the rhythm of life” 

Not tomorrow, not later, not next week but now! We often speak as if there is a destination we need to get to but right here in this very moment is what creates the future. How can the practical concepts and qualities of your day to day living be applied in the now? We are fully equipped with the tools to start where we are in the journey. Where there’s abundance there is expansion and growth but appreciate and start with what you have now and put it to use. Allow the universe a chance to transpire as you commit to the vision. Its already yours, just align with it.

“I am abundant now” 

Be aware of the conversation you are having with yourself. Are you speaking life into your vision, projects, creations, and ideas? It’s so easy to compare but personally, I’ve adopted the concept that I am creating unease and self harm towards my being and that helps me practice patience, self worship, and self-compassion when I’m over thinking, over working, or being hard on myself. When the pressure comes to meet business dead-lines or the pressure that can come with creating in general, tell yourself you’re doing an amazing job! Take a well needed break to breathe and evaluate your next action to execute your goals. You are sharpening your craft!

“I celebrate and embrace the shift” 

Mental drainage can effect the physical body leaving you to feel unaccomplished. I can’t explain how many times I’ve put off work to do absolutely nothing, but the next day feel unfulfilled. 

Most times, all it takes is minor adjustments for major impact. How can we align with resilience and grace? The way we respond to life, to situations, and the external is 99% of what determines our experiences in this body. Accept challenges as if it’s receiving a raise. What you  struggle with most, is usually what needs more of your loving attention and awareness. Look in the mirror and reclaim, “My bounce back game too strong!”  Only you are accountable for your healing, growth, and happiness. 

“I am resilient in my circumstances” 

There is no mistakes, only lessons. No need to stay stuck harboring what happened the day before. Acknowledge it, learn from it, and make the adjustments to do better today in the present moment. We are told we aren’t perfect but I believe otherwise, we are so perfect and I really believe that. With what we know we are operating at the level of consciousness we know in order to awaken and elevate our current state of being and exceed new realms. How we show up now is only apart of the journey to transcend from. We are exactly where we need to be when we need to be there.

“I am mastering this life” 

“Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as being stuck where you don’t belong.” To be a student of life is the path of a true light warrior. No matter how many experiences, no matter how many lives you’ve lived, there will always be relearning and remastering to do. Opening up to new things that challenge you to grow in all areas of life, you even discover new things about yourself. Its never to late to start a new profession, travel to new places, and begin again. Your soul and intuition will guide you and all you have to do is call on your ancestors and angels for assistance. Take a leap of joy and really trust the voice within. When your intentions and actions are clear the universe conspires to co-create with the energy you’ve created. Playing safe is playing small and what we pour into our lives is exactly the outcome we manifest into the future. Start over again, as many times as you need until you master your purpose.  

“I am taking risks that only positively impact my life”

I understand that life owes me nothing promised but I do know that I am deserving of all the beautiful experiences in my life. Everyone deserves to enjoy the pleasures of life, love, relationships, career, ect. It’s likely to get intimidated and overwhelmed when it feels so gracious, how can we channel letting great things influence us to be our grandest self ? By accepting yourself, knowing your value, and what you bring to the table. Step into your power and know that you are deserving of all that flows into your life. Finding clarity and trusting the process creates longevity to experience all you have sown. Envision a version of you who embodies a natural state of peace and Inner harmony living blissfully in all your blessings.

“I am deserving of all the beautiful experiences in my life” 

The muscle of reversing toxic patterns, un-learning, and letting go is truly an art of living. It’s finding beauty in the most transitional experiences that we label painful or unfair. If someone has caused you great pain and you harbor anger towards that individual, free yourself from the emotional bondage. Don’t remain victim to your circumstances. Take responsibility for your healing, well-being, and peace of mind. Have you ever felt that feeling as if life is a movie? You are the divine creator/storyteller of your life. You are choosing the characters and the role they get to play in your life. You are aligning with your authentic self and deciding how you’ll show up in the world. Choose your cast members wisely, create healthy boundaries, and master every technique you wish. You begin to see life more grand, believing you are an infinite and limitless beautiful soul that came to earth to experience sacred life and energy, to alchemize, to heal, to learn, and thrive as the most grand version in this avatar. 

“I take full responsibility for my healing” 

“My breath is connected to my joy” I repeat to myself. “I love myself, I love myself” So many wonderful affirmations to practice and apply. When guiding a yoga class I include these empowering mantras. When you really believe in your personal power, its like the phrase activates something in your body and 5 minutes later you’ve already written out the entire blueprint for your visions and goals. Yes, Stay passionate! Instead of depending on external sources to cradle my confusion or discomfort I always root back to my sacred principles, values, and spiritual tools to assist me in this journey we call life, being the bridge back to my inner guru. When I feel disconnected, I remind myself that I, AM love at the core of my being and I know who I am. 

As you beautiful souls bloom throughout this season may you be healthy, may you be whole, and may you be at peace. 

“I am calm and I am confident”

De’yanna George is an LA based traveling yogi and life enthusiast. Her background in dance introduced her to yoga and applies not only the physical but spiritual experience to her life  and shares that with her community. 

De’yanna is a born and raised Richmond, Virginia native. After leaving the small city to relocate to New York and study dance at American musical dramatic academy to later establishing herself in Los Angeles as an artist, writer, speaker, healer, life coach, and advocate of self-love. Using her gifts she creates an oasis for wombman to heal and transform through the power of yoga. 


Instagram: @theliberatedwombman