By Temi Coker

I decided to focus on the beauty of people with a dark complexion. I believe all shades of black are beautiful, but I’ve heard a lot of people downgrade the beauty of dark skinned woman. In my series, I highlight the beauty of being a dark skinned woman. My hope is that this series of photos allow viewers to see just how beautiful all shades of black are.

I asked my friend Lolade to be my model. She’s an amazing person inside and out. Upon viewing the pictures, I could tell that Lolade’s confidence was at an all time high. I’m not saying she wasn’t previously confident, but I think that seeing herself the way I saw her made her realize that Black, of all shades, is indeed beautiful. I hope this series helps others embrace their skin, treat their skin with love, and have confidence in who they are.



Temiloluwa Oshomoshi-Ofuje Coker, Temi O. Coker for short, was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to America in May of 2004. He resides in Texas and at 22 Temi is a high school photography/video teacher, and a freelance graphic designer, photographer and musician. He has always had an affinity for creativity, eloquently expressed through his love of music and photography. Photography has taught him that, sometimes, failure sprouts growth—allowing him to take chances in his art. He believes God has blessed him with the gift of telling stories through pictures and seeing the beauty in things that are taken for granted. 

Temi believes one of the first steps in life should be to love yourself by embracing your flaws and honing in on your strengths and individuality. Temi stands by this acknowledgement of self as the key to making people of color see their worth and improve community. No need for competition. We are all on the same team. 

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