Meditation & Manifestation: 7 Ways Your Mind Can Bring Your Best Life Into Being

By Ashley Dominique. Photography By Deun Ivory.

In order to manifest the life we truly desire, we must feel good about the life we live today. Practicing the art of mindfulness through meditation aides in controlling our thoughts, improving concentration, developing emotional intelligence, and gaining mental clarity. Because I understand manifestation by way that thoughts become things, I make a habit of thinking positively and consciously – which has blessed my life in many ways. I now live a lifestyle I deserve and am worthy of.

As a black female minimalist, I’ve opened my eyes to the connection between over-consumption [of things & people] and emotional turmoil. Though the lifestyle is unique for everyone, the idea is to live a simpler life. This mindset has instilled a great amount of internal spiritual awareness, together with the importance of an overall decluttered and protected space. Minimalism is meditation for me. I get pure joy out of prioritizing my mental health and practicing deep self-love outside of the easy version of manicures and facials.

7 ways your mind can bring your best life into being:

1| Gratitude – expressing gratitude sends a signal to the universe that you appreciate what you already possess and are open to receiving even more. Life changer: starting a gratitude journal. Think about 3 things you’re grateful for and write them upon rising. Do this for 21 days straight and watch how things will start to manifest in your favor. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for what you want and desire - out loud. This can help to free up worry and over-thinking in our minds.

2| Self-love & Self-Reflection – meditation helps with getting to know our truest selves and being able to love & accept who we are internally. Reflect on the good and especially your lowest moments. Get really deep. Get comfortable with stepping out of your comfort. The more you learn about who you are at the core, the more you love yourself unconditionally and firm up your boundaries. And that will enable you to show others how to love you in the way that you desire.

3| Forgiveness – first, forgive yourself. It always starts with self. One exercise I like to practice is what I call the forgiven mirror. If there’s something I’m holding resentment for, I like to say to myself in the mirror “I forgive myself for… whatever comes up” and do it daily until it no longer comes up.

Next, extend your forgiveness to others for any past wrongdoings. Forgiving others helps to release any negative emotions, while still holding your boundaries as high as you want em to be. Just because you forgive someone, doesn’t mean you have to allow them back into your space. Empty your unhealthy attachments and shattered expectations. Let it all go with grace and trust.

4| Compassion & Compromise – set an intention to be kind and understanding to others you encounter throughout the day. I’ve adopted a mentality that allows me to give others the space to work out their particular phase of being human. We can seek harmony in relationships through the deed of compromise. And we have the power to decide how to interact with those around us.

5| Celebration – celebrate all wins, big or small. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate growth and appreciate the joy of celebrating others. It’s no secret that when black women come together and combine synergy efforts, magic happens. Sis, don’t hate. Meditate.

6| Decluttering – with a decluttered space comes a decluttered mind. Minimalism goes beyond getting rid of our physical stuff. The practice can encourage us to cleanse our space to create healthier habits - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Let’s make a habit of removing things, people & situations that no longer serve us. This can promote a healthier lifestyle with much needed clarity and headspace. Trust that as our external experiences influence our internal make-up, our minds organically become serene and clear.

7| Eat Clean – eating clean goes hand in hand with being mindful. Mindful eating goes hand in hand with a healthy relationship towards food. Having a healthy relationship with clean food - that is of abundance to us all - promotes well-being of the mind. It’s a simple concept, yet a lot of us don’t realize the true power of fueling our temples with proper nutrition. Essentially, it’s a full circle process. Eat clean and your mind will feel clean. My motto: live to eat and be well.

As a culture that is historically oppressed and disadvantaged, black women must indulge in the things that matter - like mental health and wellness. We must break free from the stigmas tied to our culture on financial instability and emotional disorder and take the moral high ground in the face of ignorance and discrimination. We must seek control on our destiny, and not the actions of others – while being unapologetic about seeking freedom and liberation. I am so strong in my faith that in order to manifest our best lives, we must focus from the inside-out. Commit to starting with meditation. Of course it takes time and patience, but support and community are right at your fingertips. Let’s come together through the power of meditation and curate intentional connections to manifest our best minds.

Ashley Dominique is a wellness guide focusing on simple living, where she integrates minimalism into her strategy. She started EatThriftLove with a mission to simplify wellness, aide in the education of mental health and influence the power of self-love through holistic healing. EatThriftLove acts as a trusted guide on developing and maintaining practices that connect spirituality to success.

Service includes wardrobe edits, area decluttering & simple living coaching - which can be customized for clients based on their needs. 

Ultimately, we’re here to assist in uplifting humanity by encouraging people of color to live a more simple and intentional lifestyle, creating opportunity for wealthy mindset shifts and progressive behavioral influence. Our motto: live to eat and be well.