By Noemie Tshinanga

Here’s to the girl who longed to be noticed.

Who wore her skirt a little higher and her top a little lower whenever she went out.

Who had to make sure her makeup overshadowed the glasses on her face.

Who sat on the bed and watched, as the rest of the girls were getting ready.

(Damn, they’re beautiful)

Who took pictures of them, because if she took pictures with them, she’d stand out.

And while she and the girls may have entered the bars with linked arms, they exited hand in hand with the guys who noticed them.

But not her. She walked alone.

Here’s to the girl who stared at the mirror asking over and over, why not me?
Who studied Instagram like a textbook. Took screenshots of what she thought was beautiful.

Who analyzed the arch of their brow, measured the length of their hair, and calculated the proportion of their chest-to-waist-to-butt ratio. 

Who noted the bodycon dresses and glowing faces.

Who compared and contrasted and came to the conclusion

that there was no way she could look like them.

Here’s to the girl that’s starting over.

The one who is stripping off every insecurity and highlighting the beauty within them.

The one who is dancing on her own in the middle of the dance floor.

The one who is embracing every blemish on her body, and stubble on her eyebrows.

The one who only wears lipstick everyday but adds eyeliner for special occasions.

The one who compares the past and the present in order to move forward in the future.

The one who no longer needs attention, nor craves it.

The one who finally feels beautiful being her.

Here’s to her. Here’s to me.

Here’s to acceptance of being comfortable in my own skin.



Noemie Tshinanga is a curious, loving human being who wants to create for the rest of her life. She spends most of her time in some form of creation whether developing websites, designing visual aesthetics for brands, or capturing the life that surrounds her with her camera. Follow Noemie on Instagram @noemiemarguerite and view her personal website: www.noemie-marguerite.com