Heaven to Earth: An Exploration of Alternative Spirituality and Astrology

By Chante Dyson. Photography By Deun Ivory.

I am a true testament to the liberation that comes from educating one’s self in the language of the stars and heavens. You know, that level of freedom when your cycle is aligned with the moon and you can almost smell someone’s zodiac sign from across the room. You know how to recognize the energy around you as well as the energy that you’re putting out into the universe. Your relationship with the ancestral realm is deepening, and your spirit guides are so proud of the work that you’re putting in. You’re connected to the divinity in all beings. You give thanks for the ability to recognize and communicate with the metaphysical.

I remember being able to communicate with my deceased older brother as a young girl. I’d often connect with my brother through dreams or when needed, in “real” time. I believe that as children, we come to this realm with the most connection to spirit, hence my ability to communicate with my spirit guide older brother in a way that I’d never quite mastered in adulthood. We can learn something from children who have less interference between that innate connection to spirit.

My own connection to spirit has shifted tremendously as I’ve come to age and found agency in my adult womanhood. I grew up Southern Baptist, praising a God that was to be feared. Education and curiosity mixed with rebellion made me interested in exploring other religions. Although afraid to say it out loud, I felt innately that there was something wrong with an idea of there being one Truth when it comes to religion — mine being right and others’ being wrong. A service learning abroad program in college solidified my natural conviction. I was in Dakar, Senegal celebrating Eid, the end of Ramadan with my Muslim host family. I’d never experienced such holiness in a town, every shop and restaurant closing for fasting and prayer purposes. It was absolutely beautiful. I immediately questioned all that I’d been taught about religion back in the West. As I continued to develop, I became more interested in alternative spirituality, particularly indigenous African religions. I wanted to learn more ancestral wisdom and connect to the root of which I’d come from. Today, I over-stand that spirituality looks unique to each individual and the connection to spirit is ever-flowing and ever-evolving.

There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual. Spirit is everything we already are. I encourage exploration, curiosity, and desire when it comes to spirituality — Exploration of realms outside of your general understanding or lack thereof; Curiosity to remain critical of ideologies and isms that you subscribe to doubtlessly; and Desire to further deepen and nurture that connection to something greater.

It isn’t until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are – not necessarily a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within – that you can begin to take control. Oprah Winfrey

My mission here on Earth is to encourage women to step into their goddess power. I am unapologetically advocating for the empowerment of women globally. I know within my own being that the way that we rise as a collective is by getting still and remembering ourselves, not as labels or boxes that you can check off of a list, but as spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth. We each have an infinite, divine source within and this world becomes brighter as each one of us wakes up to the truth. This month in Om we explore Heaven to Earth: Alternative Spirituality, Astrology, and Everything in between. Let us remain connected to the infinite power of Spirit, and be led by the divine source that knows no boundaries, no limits, no fear.

My roots reach deeply. I am connected to the core of me. Beautiful Chorus
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Chante Dyson is a Los Angeles based creative and founder of The Godyssey. A passionate writer and storyteller at heart, she proudly serves as the Editorial Coordinator of Black Girl In Om. Her mission is to raise the collective consciousness of the planet through her work and multiple mediums. Follow her work more closely through her website and Instagram.