Into The Blue - Three Gemstones of Serenity

By Amy Cousin

As a jewelry designer and an intuitive gemstone energy reader, I consider both the gemstone’s color and vibrations in the pieces I create. I also keep my eye on industry fashion trends to make it easier for my clients to incorporate their gemstone energy tools (a.k.a my jewelry) into their lives, whether they’re at work (for themselves or for others) or at play.

One of the industry tools that I use is Pantone’s color charts. Pantone is considered to be “the worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration…” and annually releases its Color of the Year. For the first time ever Pantone declared two colors for its 2016 Color of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Most of us are familiar with Rose Quartz either as the color pink or as a stone of love, so I am going to focus on what color Serenity actually is and how we can tap into the vibrational energy associated with the color.

What color is Serenity? The short answer is blue. The longer answer is shades of pale blue to blue with a slightly dusty, slightly lavender undertone. While that leaves room for interpretation, it allows for a range of beautiful blues.

Since serenity is defined as the quality or state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled, this range also allows us to find the shade that connects to us personally. That’s also true about our choice of gemstones: there are many blue stones available to assist us in finding the serenity that we seek. Here are three gemstones to consider:


Kyanite tops my list of blue gemstones for tapping in to serenity. It is readily available, and depending on the cut of the gemstone, it comes varying shades (from pale almost white to deep deep blue)  and varying grades (from lustrously opaque to super translucent), sometimes within the same stone. Kyanite also comes green and black. Regardless of color, Kyanite vibrates at all chakra centers. Energetically, Blue Kyanite is said to induce tranquility and calm in the wearer. It is also said to enhance communication and psychic awareness.

From my own experience, I would agree: when I wear Kyanite, I remind myself to connect with the calming blues in the stone. As I calm myself, I am able to better listen to my inner knowing/intuition/psychic awareness. As I calm myself, I am also better able to communicate in tone and in language that can be heard by those I am communicating with, without my meaning getting lost in (emotional) translation. No, I don’t use Kyanite to censure myself or sacrifice my voice for the sake of others’ comfort - I tap into Kyanite energy to be truly heard, because when I feel like I’m not being heard or acknowledged or respected, I have a tendency to vibe in a different energetic flow, and that isn’t always as positive or productive as vibing with calming energy.

According to Melody, author of Love Is In The Earth, Kyanite is one of just two gemstones that do not accumulate or retain negative energy. This property alone makes it a valuable tool if in situations like I just described, or in situations where we are bombarded with negative energy. We can tap into the example of Kyanite energy and learn how to release or even transmute negative energy rather than holding it in - whether it’s our own negative energy or that of someone else - to maintain a sense of serenity. FYI, the other gemstone is Citrine.


Larimar is an opaque, sky blue stone with white veins throughout. Larimar is considered rare because it is only found in the Dominican Republic. Energetically, Larimar is the epitome of Serenity blue. Most frequently vibrating at the 5th chakra (throat) center, this gemstone can assist us in maintaining a state of confident calm. Confident Calm. Can you feel it? Is that an energy that you already exude, or is it an energy that you wish you had with you day and night? Confident calm allows us to speak clearly and steadily from the heart, whether we’re communicating with a loved one or in a professional situation. Radiating confident calm also has a calming affect on those around us, as you might imagine.

When you’re in a situation and you tap into your calm, take note of those around you and how well they respond to your flow. Allowing gemstones like Larimar to help us calm ourselves and others, especially during intense interactions, is nothing like casting a spell or hypnotizing someone. Have you’ve ever been in a crowd that got worked up over one person’s actions and then the crowd got out of hand? Well Larimar does the opposite. It’s calming energy washes over us and we wash over those close to us in a positive and peaceful way. Kind of like a group hug.

Aqua Aura Quartz

You might not be familiar with this color-enhanced gemstone - that means it doesn’t occur naturally. Aqua Aura is natural Clear Quartz that has been bombarded with pure Gold vapors in a vacuum chamber. In true Aqua Aura, the gold vapor doesn’t just coat the Clear Quartz, they fuse to it, creating a lovely blue iridescent metallic sheen. One of the properties that I like about Aqua Aura is that while Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier of thoughts and ambient energy - often indiscriminately - the gold infused into Clear Quartz provides an auric shield. This shield protects us from the effects of draining and negative energy from parasitic attachments or psychic “vampires” by transmuting that negative energy, which further strengthens its shield.
Aqua Aura vibrates most frequently at the 6th chakra (Third Eye) and the 5th chakra (throat) centers where it helps clear heart-centered blocks so that we can communicate in a constructive manner.



Amy Cousin is a jewelry designer and gemstone intuitive from Minneapolis. She specializes in creating energetically connected handcrafted treasures using ethically sourced gemstones, eco-friendly metals, and upcycled elements for her line Amy Cousin Jewelry. She contributes to BGIO because she loves the open and dedicated way that they explore self-care. You can visit her on Instagram (@amycousinjewelry) , Twitter (@AmyCJewelry) and Facebook.