5 Way to Harness Your Black Girl Magic

by Lyneisha Watson. Photography by Eric Michael Ward.

We have all seen the hashtag and we have probably participated in the movement, but have we truly harnessed the power embedded in the words Black Girl Magic?

Black women are the purveyors of heroism. We are always tapping into ourselves to uplift and save our communities, yet when it comes to tapping into the personal power that keeps us feeling good, there can be a lack of self-love. That reservoir that keeps us smiling and fighting is our personal supply of goodness that we must take care of. Black Girl Magic isn’t just a piece of the puzzle, but it is the culmination of intricate pieces that make us lit!

There are various ways that we can tap into our magic so that we can begin to live life on purpose and rid ourselves of the artificial stories society wants us to believe. Black Girl Magic is purposeful and Black women and girls have this power because we have to be present and whole within ourselves to truly make an impact. That is self-love and it is magical.

Here are 5 ways to tap into your Black Girl Magic on a daily basis:

  1. Living with intention means finding purpose in every move that you make. Everything matters and setting daily intentions allows you to give the Universe space to co-create with you. This is also a great way to make progress towards any goals that you want to achieve. Intention allows you to get into the universal flow, and being tapped and tuned into your intentions is where the real magic happens.

  2. Trust yourself because it is easy to get into the funk of confusion. Opening up allows for magical things to take place in your life. By realizing that there are no mistakes, you give yourself the freedom to fully trust the direction of your life. Trusting yourself means you trust the Universe and that you are open to receiving your good.  

  3. Be okay with your reality. You don’t have to be happy with it, but accepting it allows room for a new reality to be ushered in. I’ve read that we have to go through a clearing out of old energy for new energy to come and give us what we need. Be accepting of where you are at in your journey because we are always in a cycle of rebirth. Be present and okay because things are always working out for your highest good.

  4. Forgive your past because it has nothing to do with your now or your future. It is so easy to get caught up in what was and miss the beauty of what is. Through the intention of letting go of what no longer serves you, new can come into your life. Once you let go of unnecessary weight thing get easier. Once you realize that all you have is now, then it is easier to be happy in your current reality. It takes a lot of work (trust me) but once it is done, you can breath easy.

  5. Have fun because that's what Magical Black Girls do! Life is a game—it is kinda like we all are building our own little Sims world. You are able to build the life you want and have fun doing it. Shift your perspective and appreciate all the abundance that already surrounds you. When you have fun, then more fun comes into your life. We should be having fun everyday because it is contagious and necessary to maintaining the light in our melanated glow.

It is so easy to get caught up in the fear and stress that has been projected and normalized by Western Culture, but that is not where our magic lies. It is found in ourselves, in our communities, and our intention. It cultivates on the inside and illuminates on the outside. Tapping into your Black Girl Magic daily will bring you so much clarity and peace, especially in a world full of bad orange tans and disharmony.  

We create our realities, so setting the daily intention to breathe, stretch, let go, and be magical, the Universe will change our worlds to match the beauty we are radiating on the inside. We will truly be Magical Black Girls who are constantly cultivating peace and happiness.

Every morning say, “I am tapped into myself. I am tapped into my Black Girl Magic!”

Lyneisha is a country girl based in Sanford, FL. Her untraditional views and mystic heart sets her apart from the southern streets she often finds herself exploring. Visiting BGIO is a constant act of self-love for her. She truly loves reading and writing about the crossroads where fear, vulnerability, safety, and freedom meet. Her writing is based on excavating her life to unearth the mystical power that is black womanhood. You can find Lyneisha @soulfeminist on Instagram where unapologetic feminism and holistic self-care meets Black Girl Magic.