Creating Culture: We Got Now, We Got Next

By Chelcee LORAINE & Chante Dyson. Photography by Deun Ivory.

It’s innate in us all. The desire to do work that reaches beyond us. To spin a legacy. To impact culture. Whether it be through art, entrepreneurship, or leaving an imprint through corporate America - in some way we are all doing work, both inward and outward, to help shape and create culture. I’ve always held the belief that creating was a part of our divine birthright, that we are made in the image of the greatest creator and thus when we use our creativity to impact culture we’re quite honestly doing some of the highest work. This month at Black Girl In Om, our theme is Creating Culture: We Got Next, We Got Now. We’ll be highlighting inspiring women who are creating, curating and safekeeping culture. We’ll dive deep into conversations around what it means to create the work you’re called to and how that work can go on to impact our community. We’ll get beyond blockages, learn new wellness gems for productivity and remind us just how powerful we are.

The word culture has many translations. We think of black and brown culture in our music, our art, our style, the way we move through the world. It’s a thick, buoyed richness that has come from many many generations before. It’s the kemetic yoga practiced before ever being brought to America, it’s the djembe we beat, it’s the hip hop, r&b and soul our bodies find in navy nights. It’s the praise hands of church mothers, it’s the words every black grandma can say as if we’d been raised in a collective house. It’s foundation and rise. And, we’re leading it.

legendary ladies.jpg

But, it isn’t always easy work, this creating culture, this disrupting the mainstream, this making sure our lived experiences and all that we embody last. And, to see where you fit in the picture, where your gift lands and reverberates for years to come.

As we enter Spring, a week headlined by a new moon, a new quarter it is the perfect time to check-in on the work you’re doing in the world. Is it fulfilling you? If not, what does a pivot look like? What’s one thing you can start today and implement each day to get you closer? And, sometimes we overthink it. For me, it’s beginning to wake at 5 am. I know, I know, what does waking at 5 am have to do with creating culture? It means I give myself the first hour of the day to write – to focus on creating, to inserting new work into the world.

Take some time to reflect on your journey thus far. What are the highlights of your career? Your entrepreneurial journey? Your artistic walk? What work has felt the most you, the most organic? That is the work that will stand the test of time, that will impact culture.

Because, we feel it don’t we? When we come upon work, or a business, or a song even, that was done for the sake of needing to be done rather than for the love. Creating culture begins with doing it for the love, for the preservation, for the folk. We hope you feel that here with us at BGIO and we can’t wait to help you unearth it in your own life to carry the baton.

- Chelcee Loraine, Publication Editor


We are forever in awe of how each of our monthly themes here at Black Girl In Om always coincide so eloquently with the timely feeling in the air. When I think of creating culture, I stop to honor the recent passing of a true king, an embodiment of what it means to serve, protect, uplift, and contribute to the culture — Nipsey Hussle.

This week has highlighted important themes around community, legacy, and culture - particularly in the United States. The significance of our lives is truly determined by the impact that we have on the souls of others. We all have something to contribute in society and we are stronger together.

Whose job is it to protect the culture and ensure that it is always moving forward? It is all of ours.

We, as women, possess the ability to create magnificence and abundance through our healthy womb spaces. When we take care of our centers, we make room to birth the type of lives and societies that reflect a world in which our soul’s thrive. This is the beauty of seeing black girl’s in om. The women who have learned how to heal from their trauma, and are fully committed to stepping into their goddess power. I am grateful for spaces like Black Girl In Om, that hold space for the necessary work - that ultimately heals the wombs of women worldwide, who will then ultimately inspire, touch, and heal everyone around them. When we take care of ourselves, we make room to move the culture forward.

We all need each other, and each one of us is making our mark right here in this moment.

Give thanks & Birth creation.

- Chante Dyson, Editorial Coordinator


Want to share your work with us? Have gems on how your wellness practice has sustained your ability to impact culture?  We want to see your poetry, your photography and the ways in which you are creating culture. How’d you build that brand or devote yourself to the work of social justice?  What music do we need to be put up on? Who’s leading the wave? We want to hear from you. Send your pitch to