Fall Into Financial Freedom: A New Destiny For WOC and Our Families

By Chante Dyson. Photography By Deun Ivory. 

We’ve all seen the recent headlines. No, not the daily propaganda and hate rhetoric promoting violence on Black and Brown bodies. But the recent articles that have went viral on social media lately declaring Black women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. According to the headlines, we are thriving. We are defining success on our own terms and rising above all prejudice and other weapons formed against us. We are doing it all. This narrative truly inspires me but does not surprise me one bit. Black women carry it all on our shoulders and give everything we have day in and day out. But what about the woman who doesn’t know how to get there? As a young woman and recent graduate grateful, yet tirelessly navigating corporate America, I feel within my spirit that this conversation about our success in finances, business,  and entrepreneurship is quite limited. For every one alpha black woman beating and redefining those odds against her, there is a family of intergenerational souls who never got the opportunity. The souls that were never able to get out - the souls that are still struggling to survive. I say this as a woman grateful for her difficult yet fortunate circumstances in life. I am on the path of pursuing my true dreams - I live in the city of my dreams, work in a field that I admire, and have a love that makes my heart smile. But what about the woman who doesn’t know how to get there? With this good fortune, comes the daily reminder of my family who struggle to make ends meet, who struggle for lunch and new school supplies for the babies. You know what I’m talking about y’all. That survivor’s guilt is real.

I truly believe that a significant part of our collective evolution begins in the mind. In the spirit of abundance, we must transcend our thinking from a mindset of poverty to a mindset of thriving and true financial freedom. We have to believe that there is infinite potential that the universe can and will provide beyond our greatest needs and desires. The power of manifestation alone lies within our mind. Oprah Winfrey declares that she truly believes that “thoughts are the greatest vehicles to change, power, and, success in the world. Everything begins with thoughts.” “If you can connect yourself to the Source and allow the energy that is your life force to be connected to the greater force (God/Universe/Allah/Nature), than anything is possible for you.” On legacy, she states that “Your legacy is every life you touch. We like to think that these great philanthropic moments are the ones that leave the mark, but it’s really what you do everyday. It’s how you use your life to be a light to somebody else’s, and it’s how you used your work as an expression of your own art, whatever that is.”

As we spend the month of September discussing topics around financial health in relation to physical and spiritual health, we will pause and expand our souls to re-evaluate the ways in which we perceive abundance, success, and prosperity. The limited mindsets around these topics prevent many of us from soaring, but one of my favorite affirmations is “Abundance is mine by divine right.”  

Abundance is mine by divine right.

Hand in hand, we will re-discover our glory and natural abilities to have healthy relationships with money. Our legacies will be one of abundance, in which we improve the consciousness of this planet for the next generations to come. Do you have ways in which you are aligning your spirit for financial abundance? Are there habits that you specifically cultivate to feel more confident about money? Have there been shifts to your ideologies around success? Send your pitch to editor@BlackGirlInOm.com. We can’t wait to share your wisdom with our community.

Chantè Dyson is a DMV girl currently residing in LA. After graduating from Rutgers University, she moved cross country to continue pursuing her fashion dreams. A writer at heart, Chantè is passionate about telling women's stories and using words to empower and raise our collective consciousness globally. Her fashion magazine background exposed her to the biases in mainstream media as it pertains to relatable stories that center women of color. Serving as Editorial Coordinator at Black Girl In Om is a dream come true for Chantè, as she has always hoped to highlight the stories and identities of amazing women of color around the world. Personally, embracing a more holistic and wellness-centered lifestyle has been transformative to Chante's experience of growing more into her womanhood, and it is her honor to contribute to Black Girl In Om's magic through inspirational and impactful storytelling. Follow her on social media @chantedyson.