What It Means to Revolt: Decolonizing Our Wellness Practice


Do you know how worthy you are? How truly magical your existence really is?

I understand it can be challenging to believe at times. Our family and friends may be telling us of our beauty, of our worth. Why then do we not see ourselves in the world? In movies, in posters, on the runway? My darling, I’m here to tell you – you can change that.

You can believe in your beauty and in your worth before others do and in believing you will begin to change the face of the world.

Our ascending, as a people, started with a thought – we are a free people, we deserve to be free. Through underground passages and a strong will to believe we’ve made it – to the CRWN Magazines and Black Panthers of 2018.

Revolution is so often thought of as big, aggressive, in the streets. In the most political sense of the word, revolution means to go against or take down an oppressive power. As we close February, and look back on all the beautiful ways in which we’re revolutionizing our wellness –from nuanced eating practices to affirmations of our worthiness – it can be easy to fragment wellness as something we do rather than how we live. The real truth is, revolution is small and fleeting. It’s choosing that yoga class over the latest Netflix show. It’s denying an entire society the “right” to your body. It’s choosing to believe when “seeing” is believing.

At its root, “revolution” means to circle around and return – to revolve or re-evolve. What does it mean, in our wellbeing, to circle around our own selves and come back to center? In our everyday lives, we don’t always see or notice how we lose parts of ourselves to the outside world. From social media to our neighbor next door, we have a number of messages orbiting around us, telling us who we are or who we must be, and it’s all on us to pick and choose what to accept and what to let go of so that we may find our own truth and return to who we are.

Revolution then isn’t just about stepping out into the streets and saying “hey, I matter.”

It’s about how we take back the realest parts of ourselves – our history, our voice, our truth. It’s about living beyond the barriers of what we speak about, what we give our energy to, what we embody on a day to day basis.

Releasing how we’ve been taught to treat our bodies or sacrifice our wellness is necessary to the journey. The commitment you’ve made to yourself – whether it’s spending 20 minutes in meditation or going meat free once a week – are the seeds of your very own revolution. They’re your best self in practice. Saying YES to our best can be quite scary. I would like to tell you it’s okay to be scared of what doing something new can bring. Our minds like comfort, the familiar, but your soul – the most beautiful and unique blueprint that is YOU – can only grow outside of your comfort zone. I’d like to challenge you to do one thing on this wellness journey – begin believing to start seeing.

What would it truly look like to bring your whole self to the table? As our February Twitter chat special guest, yogi Jessamyn Stanley, so eloquently put it “it's all about letting go of the need to be defined by the mainstream narratives.” As women, we don’t exist in these fragmented parts– as just a body, or just a mind, or just a soul. The mainstream delivers a one-sided view of wellness – work out, hit your goal weight, be happy. So we look good, but do we feel good? Are we saying no, to the point of feeling restricted, instead of saying yes and feeling limitless?

Start by listening. Listen to all the moments that make you feel good. Was it rocking a pair of your favorite jeans? Saying yes to mami’s rice and beans? Or even, wiping down your desk after a long week? These are all ways of tapping into yourself, of returning back to YOUR center.

A free, decolonized wellness practice brings you back to your truest nature – your most joyous, vibrant, vivacious self.

Some of our favorite practices include:

  • Enjoying a DIY face mask
  • Soaking in a tub with essential oils, lavender + Epsom salt

  • Beauty naps

  • Getting in a good laugh with friends

  • Crying to our favorite soap opera

  • Conversations with nature

  • Walking through our hometown or city

  • Making flower crowns

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that can be done to live in well-ness. What would you add to this list? As you begin to crack open and follow your bliss, you’ll see just how powerful your revolution is. We hope you’ll continue to revolt, to plant your own seeds, and enjoy what grows. While our history month is coming to a close, our revolution is not.

We’ve only just begun to return back to ourselves.

What will you do to let your true self live well this year? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us hello@blackgirlinom.com to keep telling your whole truth.

Dronile Hiraldo is a New York city born and bred writer with a love for donuts, Michael Jackson and the stories women of color tell. She credits her alma mater for empowering her to explore her Dominican-American identity and take deeper interest in the experiences of women of color and their representation in pop culture. As a senior in college, she accidentally fell in love with running, cooking, and horseback riding. Dronile founded the little dominican, her lifestyle blog, to share her challenges as a woman of color learning to love her body, eat healthy and become a full-time creative: writer, filmmaker, photographer. As part of Black Girl In Om she hopes to help other women of color discover themselves, re-connect with their passions and love themselves fiercely. Her self-care go-tos include journaling, meditation and dancing in her living room.