Skin Food

By Tracey Coretta Ferdinand

I’m obsessed with sea salt, botanical oils, and natural skin care products. Looking back at my childhood it’s easy to understand why. I grew up in Tobago, an island in the West Indies. Organic fruits, salt water, herbal remedies, and plant based oils were a natural part of my daily life. Living off the earth meant using plants for skin care as well as food.

One of my favorite rituals involved watching my grandmother make coconut oil from scratch. We’d use the oil in our hair and on our skin. The process was exquisite. She’d grate dried coconut, massage the bits into water to create coconut milk, let it sit a few days to separate, then heat after skimming to extract the coconut oil. The smell throughout the kitchen while she made batches was delicious. I’ve been in love with coconut oil ever since.

Another favorite ritual was spending the day at Store Bay beach. My older sister and I would exfoliate in the sand and pretend we were at expensive spas then jump into the salt water to wash off. Of course my skin care rituals have evolved from the sun filled days of my childhood. Now my routine usually involves a warm shower, essential oils infused dead sea salt scrubs, and organic coconut oil moisturizer.

Yet the same care and attention my grandmother used to create natural skin care products is the same attention I use to craft my Tracey Coretta Organics skin care line. My mission is to encourage people to think about the products they buy for their daily skin care routine in the same way they think about the whole foods they choose. You eat clean because you deserve to be healthy. Well, your skin works hard to keep you healthy so she deserves to eat clean too.



Tracey Coretta Ferdinand is a love disciple who believes we carry medicine within us in the form of self-love. She is a fierce advocate for framing holistic wellness within this context. Her work is rooted in the understanding that love has the power to transform our health improvement strategies since it requires adopting an ethic of radical self-care. Tracey Coretta holds a master’s degree in Africana Women’s Studies from Clark Atlanta University and a bachelor’s degree in English from Ursinus College. She is also a certified 200-hour vinyasa yoga instructor. Her writing inspires sustainable lifestyle transformations guided by self-love and self-care. Her mission is to encourage women and girls to cultivate vibrant lives by exploring creative wellness practices. Tracey Coretta loves the sun, the ocean and lush plant life. When she’s not outside celebrating her divinity in nature she’s writing, cooking, or practicing yoga. She is thrilled to be a part of BGIO's wellness collective. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Tracey Coretta is currently based near Philadelphia.