What Celebration Sounds Like: A Conversation With Adora Tokyo



Interview by Lauren Ash.

Goodness, gracious, I'm so, so blessed to have such an incredibly creative and talented crew of women of color surrounding me. You may remember Adora Tokyo from Issue 001: Growth! She was our featured Wanderlust and I was able to pick her brain about self-care and travel (shout out to our friends at AFROPUNK for sharing!). Well, this time around I asked Adora to curate some good vibes for us. Something that would promote all the good feelings that come with celebrating life and personal growth. So she did. Enjoy this month's mix, read more about what's on the horizon for Adora as a creative, and be sure to keep a close watch on all that Adora touches because it turns to gold. Quickly. Follow her on Instagram @AdoraTokyo, Twitter @AdoraTokyo, and Soundcloud @adora-tokyo.

LA: The mix you've curated is inspired by the idea of Celebration. What artists do you listen to when you're in the mood for a celebration?

AT: When I'm in the mood for celebratory music  I listen to producers who have climactic arrangements and tempos to keep my heart rate up. Sam Gellaitry, all TEKLIFE and DJacid.

LA: Yes, girl! Sounds about right for me, too. And, for me celebration and wellness go hand-in-hand. How we have to celebrate the small ways in which we grow and how we have to surround ourselves with good people that celebrate all that we are, the parts that are easy to love and the parts that aren't as easy to love. Have you recently celebrated personal growth? If so, how?

AT: Realistically, I celebrate every week. I first recognize my evolution and take a moment of reflection. After reflecting, I connect with like minds and spirits and we usually drink and dance until dawn. It's more of a necessary ritual at this point. It's too easy to forget how much you've accomplished if you don't allow for celebration and self recognition. I maintain a tight creative community of successful artists and we all celebrate and acknowledge each others growth.

LA: What made you include these particular artists in your Celebration vibe mix?

AT: My goal as a DJ is to create steady vibrations and also introduce my audience to new sounds. On this mix I bounce between some popular hip hop artists to underground French house producers. I choose to walk the line of familiarity while easing the listener into artists with less commercial appeal. I chose artists with talented vocal arrangement and emotional lyrics.

LA: And I love it from beginning to end. Thank you! Adora, you're enormously multidisciplinary--you’re a Celebrity Beauty Artist, DJ, and more. You've recently focused more on music. Can you tell us more about what's in store? When can we hear more Adora Tokyo?

AT: I wanted to produce a record to showcase the ideas that usually come spilling out of me in an improv freestyle session. I've always written music and recorded background vocals, but I grew bored. My feelings and stories are worth hearing and experiencing. Again, I grew bored with playing other producers music...I knew I had original beats to contribute to the current musical climate. My Soundcloud has a couple demo teasers up now for your listening pleasure. So far, I've got the support and encouragement from some talented musicians I respect and admire. The future is looking spacious!