Three hours of liberation

By Ciara Swan

19:36 Past 

(in my body)
deliberate naivety scatters along clenched and worn muscles. a pencil stare from gapped mouth captures the sweat clinging to palms and vining down armpits, breasts and knee-backs.
change in the human form requires a soiled constancy; the funk shun fruition, or so my mind thought me when i could no longer me myself and my mine was capsulated in consumed projections of xeno-negritude.
liberation is a thing much like change, evolution and freedom. it is dependent on. 

20:53 Present
(in my mind)
i am trying this thing, discipline, or maybe self-restraint. It only ends in borders of paranoia perpetuating a self-inflicted confinement of true self -
(Shackle-loose these screws atop stucco skin walls)
the functional screwdriver presented itself, after centuries of fragmented hands; dutiful and bloody-
i am twenty-three strokes in, “righty, tighty, righty, tighty,”
Pulsations of re-memory quantified a her-story and so I began drilling through (pst) past lives

21:47 Potential
(in my spirit)
whispering wontedly, “post-slavic abduction, freedom was created”
om-ing omnipotence, “traumatic times foster the whos’ that transcend”
mumbling matrimony, “stress deconstructs umbilical-born truths”
benign baptismal, “dis-orders dis-ease mis-educated pupils”

Ciara “Cc” Swan is a poet from Oakland, CA. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of San Francisco. As a current graduate student at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Cc dawdles with a modern reconstructionist framework of language via sociological and philosophical platforms of “black sexual politics”. Aside from writing and performing her written forms, Cc also illustrates poetry via visual mediums, as a means for ascribing an image to text; the art of storytelling. All of these things are culminated with sporadic attempts of neo-soul singing and jazz-skatting with appropriations of funk via Logic Pro and Garage Band. She is an analytical hermit and creator, and a lover of family and ever-finding spiritualism.