Free Spirit

By Zakkiyyah

I’m a firm believer in following “the spirit" which I consider to be the most innate aspect of being human. Recognizing this holistic extension of ourselves is essential to existing in the physical world, which doesn’t always validate who we are or what we believe in. But often times we don’t follow our spiritual instincts due to the pressures of the outside world. I’m completely convinced that being open to listening to your spirit and following it accordingly is the ultimate path to freedom, happiness, and peace.

The ways in which I navigate the world around me, through the senses and by way of thought is very much a spiritual project. I’ve often thought that our spiritual self/selves are what guide our intentions and how we view ourselves in the world.

Growing up in a Christian household, I struggled with the thought of identifying myself with alternative Christian practices or worldviews. As an adult, I am now comfortable with alternative spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, Buddhism and aspects of synchronized practices like SanterÍa and Candomblé.

For this particular piece I really wanted to convey what it means to be lead by spirit and in many ways, to follow spirit. I associate elements like water, natural environments, and certain colors (blue, white, and green) to spiritual well being and guidance…which for me have been heavily influenced by alternative spiritual practices that are rooted in appreciating nature and the elements.