Wanderlust: A Conversation on Spirituality and Travel with Lo of Can't Stay Put

Interview by Lauren Ash. Photography by Árni Víðir Hjartarson.

If you're an aspirational nomad like me―meaning you spend too much time every day contemplating your next adventure halfway across the world―you know and love Lo Mille, Founder of Can't Stay Put, a lifestyle brand focused on travel and meant to educate, influence, and inspire. Can't Stay Put, and Lo, have definitely inspired me. Every time I look at her Instagram page or website I add another experience to my bucket list and gain an ounce more of courage to just get up and go! What I noticed recently was Lo's adventures to places with deep spiritual roots. I hope you are motivated to book your next adventure after reading this interview, and that you are encouraged to step out in faith and live the life you want! After reading, be sure to follow Lo's adventures on Instagram @CantStayPut_ and Twitter @LoMillie.

LA: You're a self proclaimed Inspirational Entrepreneur, how have you inspired others, especially women of color, to get up and go? Do you have a favorite story of someone who you have inspired? 

LM: Because of my childhood and past experiences, I’ve been able to be an example and show people a new way of living that they very much deserve and can have. There is an emphasis on traveling and seeing the world, however, the bigger emphasis should be placed on my desire to inspire people to go, do, and be. Whether that be starting a business, going back to school, choosing happiness, essentially creating whatever life they want, because it’s very possible. I am a living example of that. There was a time I didn’t believe, so now it’s my duty to inspire others through my experiences and lifestyle to show them that they too can have what they dream about at night.  

There have been a few instances of how I’ve inspired others along the way that still make me tear up today. One in particular, almost two years ago, I met a young women on a video set in LA. She was doing my make-up and we started to have a conversation about what I do and Can’t Stay Put. I shared my story of how I started and expressed how you have to really sacrifice for your own amazing. I told her all of the things I gave up for my dreams and how I feel those sacrifices everyday, but it’s worth being uncomfortable to live a purposeful life. 

She began to open up about her dreams, her current place and her life. I just remember telling her to go after it. Two weeks later I got a text from her saying that I had inspired her to put in her notice to move to NYC. She said she hadn’t been taking her dreams seriously, that she was expecting something major to happen without really doing anything major to make it happen. She thanked God for bringing me into her life at that very moment because I brought a message she needed to hear to change her life. 

Fast forward to now, she’s lived in NYC, met amazing people, traveled to Cannes Film festival for a once in a lifetime opportunity and she is taking on ventures that have gotten her closer to her dream life. 

LA: You created vision boards of travels with your Mother when you were young. What places or travels did you manifest through that experience? 

LM: My mother is the vision board Queen! For as long as I can remember she has been creating vision boards and writing out her visions for her life. As a kid, I would spend a significant portion of my summer with my mom. I remember one summer drawing out various experiences from going to the beach, to exploring D.C., to getting on the airplane, to going to camp, etc. Every last thing we drew out, we did. My mom stressed the significance of drawing out your hearts desires, but it didn’t really sink in until I got much older. 

LA: You've traveled to some places with deeply felt spiritual energy― your trip to India and to South Africa, for instance. Can you share one or two of your most profound spiritual experiences you've had while traveling? 

LM: Towards the end of my India trip, I remember exploring a royal tomb in Jaipur and having a conversation with God about my experience in India thus far. He was making it clear the impact that I was making on others back in the states and the people I was meeting throughout my travels. He gave me vision of what I needed to do moving forward to spread my light and energy to change the world. It was as if … He was revealing more and more of my purpose to be. Dots were being connected. It’s hard to put into words, but in my stillness God was sharing how He wanted to use me.

LA: You share the importance of stepping out on faith to create the kind of life you want to live. Can you share two recent ways you've stepped out in faith and the subsequent result of those decisions? 

LM: Most recently, sharing my experience about how all of my things were stolen. Sometimes when trials like that happen to you, you prefer not to share it because it exposes you and some may come at you for not being smarter to keep situations like that from happening. But I knew I needed to share it because often time people think my life is perfect and that I don’t go through anything. It was important to share that I go through shit. Even then you have to stay positive and keep from asking, “why me?” Instead ask, “what’s the lesson in this?” 

The day after I shared my story, I received over $1,000 in financial assistance to help recover my things. I received business opportunities and even got some of my things back. 

LA: How do you cultivate wellness and practice self-care while jetting from city to city? 

LM: Praying. I’m a very spiritual person. I pray for God to be with me at all times, because I have the habit of putting a lot of stress on my body. I also try to meditate and be still. The beautiful thing about what I do is, when I travel to places and see God-made wonders, that provides therapy for me. Not only does it calm me, it inspires me to be great.