Spirituality + Nature

By Brianna Ryce


How can mankind expect to grow and thrive when he forgets his basic and most essential, spiritual connection to the dirt, to the water, to the plants, to the earth?

Escape. I escaped.

I could feel myself losing happiness and faith. Winter in the city became suffocating.

The grey sky continued to consume the warmth of the sun, wither away the complexion of autumn and hinder the bliss of spring. I do not blame the winter for my unhappiness with the city, for it too has a purpose to serve just as all the other seasons. However, I do know that as a human being, my existence is deeply intertwined with nature.

Escape. I escaped to Northern California.

It was a place that allowed me to lose myself in its nature. Just standing, I could feel the compassion of the trees and the smiles of the sky. My existence and thirst to live seemed to be flowing once more through my veins. It was more than magical. It was the spiritual connection I craved. / Escape. I escaped to the top of the hill.

There, at the top, I felt the spirit of the earth. The spirit was calm, but powerful. It demanded no praise, but forced you to acknowledge its significance. It whispered sweetly in my ear with the wind. It danced through the ocean’s currents. It comforted me with the trees’ branches. Nothing but sincere gratitude could give it justice.

My friend broke the silence and said, “It is like my heartbeat, itself, beats with the water.” 



Brianna Ryce attends DePaul University as an Honor’s Marketing major. She is a stellar scholar, but does not miss the mark in athletics. Brianna is a member of DePaul’s Women’s Soccer Team in addition to being a member of Trinidad and Tobago’s Senior Women’s National Soccer Team. By way of her studies she resides in Chicago, but often travels to her hometown of Atlanta. Brianna is extremely passionate about promoting black female empowerment through holistic wellness. Through her own experience in sports, she has learned how important it is to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Professionally, Brianna has recently worked as an editorial intern for a start-up public relations agency, C1 Revolution. Through C1 Revolution’s clients, she has had the opportunity to create pitches for television producers and write an article featured in the Huffington Post