Finding Spirit



By Lauren Nixon

For me, spirit is a powerful energy that can guide us toward being our brightest, most fulfilled selves if we welcome it into our sphere. People use different words to describe spirit and others don’t feel the need to define it at all. Spirit, most importantly, is an energy. It is a vibration that can be experienced on both a somatic and cognitive level. Despite how you define spirit in your own life, knowing how to engage with it can be a powerful tool to assist you with your growth and wellbeing. 

Keep Track of your Dreams

Dream journaling is a great way to stay on top of those things that escape your mind when you’re awake. By recording your dreams when you wake, you can create a web of nocturnal experiences that will allow you to better understand how your mind works, what your needs are, and how you can grow. Tapping into your dream state can allow you to see parts of yourself that are not readily available in your daily life.  

Tap into Your Intuition

Gut feelings and hunches are real. They can be powerful tools to help you to make decisions and learn more about yourself. If you’re receiving a burst of intuitive knowledge, follow it and see where it takes you. Your intuitive knowledge might not always make sense, it might not always be logical or comfortable or what you envision for yourself, but allowing yourself the space to follow your intuition can offer a creative, fun and exhilarating detour toward achieving your goals and fulfilling your needs.

Communicate With Spirit

Write letters to your spirit guide, speak out loud, send smoke signals--whatever works for you.  Communicating your wants and needs to the universe allows the universe to make room for them. Stating your needs out loud or on paper makes them real and stresses their importance--to both you and to the universe. Make a practice of not only asking for the things that you want and need, but thanking the universe for the things that you have and the things that are coming your way.

Cleanse Your Space

It’s difficult to create a grounded, welcoming space for guiding energy if you’re living in a space that doesn’t allow for positivity to flow. Cleaning your space and getting rid of things that you don’t need, items that don’t serve you and possessions that evoke negative energy or memories can be a great start. Essentially, you have to pull a few weeds in order to allow your garden to grow. Cleansing your space by burning dried sage, palo santo wood, mugwort, rosemary, or lavender is a time honored practice that can be a powerful tool to reset the energy of your room and allow helpful new energy to move in.


Locating and utilizing the universe’s power isn’t a one size fits all scenario.  Research different methods that work for you. Recognize that as you grow and shed new skin, your spiritual practice may need to expand along with you. Allow yourself the room to ask for guidance in order to blossom into the person that you want and deserve to be.  

Lauren Nixon is a Food and Wellness Educator who guides youth and adults in creating healthy, nourishing relationships with local, sustainable food through cooking instruction and educational workshops. She has had the pleasure of working with sustainable food and environmental education organizations including FoodCorps, Urban Nutrition Initiative, Raices Eco Culture Micro Farm, Johnson's Backyard Garden, Hidden Villa, and many more. Follow Lauren on Twitter @LaurenNNixon or at

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