What Transition Sounds Like: An Interview with Eden Hagos, BGIO Music Curator



Interview by Lauren Ash

Eden Hagos. If you’re into the label that promotes good vibes only you know her name. This Eritean-born creative is on the roster with Soulection and has lots more than mixes up her sleeves. I asked Eden to produce a mix that illuminated death and transition and I appreciate the subtle way in which she did this. Have a listen. In creative transition herself, as a DJ, artist and aspiring producer, I was able to pick her brain and learn more about the ways in which she is blossoming and how she cultivates balance during this particular chapter in her life. Have a listen to the playlist she curated for us this month, and learn more about Eden from our conversation below.

EH: I think of my life in terms of chapters. Sort of like shedding skin, like a snake. This is definitely how I feel at this moment in my life. Manifesting everything I have been planning and seeing everything coming to fruition at this point. Trying to keep my eye on the goal which is DJing and to getting into production and continuing to grow musically and as a person. That’s the goal. 

LA: I love it! The first theme for our online publication was growth. It was focused on how are we growing creatively, personally and more. Can you speak to some of the ways that you see yourself growing now and how you hope to transition and take it to the next level during this next year?

EH: I’m really blessed to be surrounded by other creatives, especially my labelmates, which has influenced me the most. I think that as a creative, especially when you work for yourself, there’s so much more to risk. You have to truly believe in your vision because not everyone will be accepting or understanding of your lifestyle.

For me, it’s all about being really open to learning from those around me and soaking it in. Every encounter matters. You can always benefit from another’s experiences. Stay focused and embrace change. That’s what helps me get to the next point. 

My goal is to better my skills as a DJ and begin producing my own solid body of work. 

LA: I’ve really sensed, a lot of attention (lately) not just from Soulection, but a lot of attention toward women of color DJs in the spotlight more so in this past year than I have before. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before, but I think there’s an energy right now.

EH: Definitely. Soulection has talented female DJs on the roster. We are a label, but we are also a family and growing together through this process. We’re all so young and passionate about what we love. The hunger is there. (laughs)

LA: I think that when you’re young, we just have so much faith for the future. I know some older people who look at me, who are like “Oh, I’m so glad you’re so enthusiastic and driven now, I’m so glad because you won’t always be that way.” And I just tell them “I’m staying this way for awhile.” 

EH: [It’s important to] find what you love and find that balance. For some of us, it’s a more traditional path. I stepped away from that and came to terms with it. [But] you can do what you love and make a living out of it. People will see the passion and heart that you put into your craft. That’s everything. 

LA: You just said something about trying to find balance. How are able to effectively juggle all these creative projects that you’re invested in right now?

EH: Being the oldest of seven children has definitely prepared me well. I’m a to-do list type of person, which helps me maintain structure. I don’t necessarily need to go with the plan, but it’s important for me to work towards a goal. That helps me … writing things down, having a tangible plan and using my time effectively. There’s always so much more to do. 

LA: You have been attracted to music and curating different music and producing music for awhile. And you are focused on that being your craft. What’s your ultimate goal - ten years where do you want to be?

EH: I realize that as I go, the dream might change a little bit. I don’t necessarily have one goal, I just want to continue to create and pursue ventures that fulfill me. 

LA: I think that’s beautiful. To be able to be open from the magic that might come up from the journey itself, the process itself.

EH: There’s so many parts [involved with] art. I have my hand in a little bit of everything. 

When you’re creative, too, it’s so important to try and nurture all the different ways you’re creative. Try it all. See what comes of it.

LA: What were some of your creatives that you included in this month's mix? And why?

EH: These are some of my Top 25 tracks actually. Lots of versatile feel good music and samples. It is a reflection of The Sound of Tomorrow. 

LA: When I listened to it, I was like, this is giving me a good vibe right now (laughs). I love it. What else would you like to share?

I appreciate the holistic vision that Black Girl In Om is pushing. I’m focusing on being more present. That’s the most important thing. No matter what I’m doing, to appreciate the moments.

More about Eden Hagos: Eritrean by way of San Diego beat lover Eden Hagos brings visibility to those future sounds that you can’t quite put your genre finger on. Deep rooted in underground hip hop, sample-based, percussion-heavy tunes and future bass, Eden’s ear for unique sounds has kept her digging since her uncle gave her her first Fugees album at age 16.

Since 2011, Eden has dropped 11 mixtapes - the third installation, Currently, caught the attention of Okayfuture deeming the young beatstress "a prophet of future sounds". The beat scene and local producers started listening and partnerships with artists, labels, and connectors in the community became plentiful.

Miss Hagos’ influences heavily come from those nearby – those who’ve given the San Diego and Los Angeles beat scenes a name – artists like AbJoMike GaoeLanGonjasufiGaslamp Killer and the Soulection movement.

Eden is poised to bring light to the beat makers in this movement while uncovering and educating folks along the way of all of the genres that exist within these future sounds. Listen to Eden on Soundcloud and follower her on Twitter @Eden_Hagos and Instagram @Eden__Hagos.