Reciprocity: A Rule for Life

By CJ Johnson

Law of Attraction. 
Treating people how you want to be treated.

Many people grew up being indoctrinated by the theories listed above; supposing that if we embodied the belief system that they were founded on, then life would work out rather well. But what do they all really mean? Is there another layer to their context? When we sum up the concepts above, they all contribute to one universal and grand notion. 


In essence, reciprocity means that you respond to a positive action with another positive action. It’s a blueprint for self-growth because it feeds and also challenges your soul. When you make room to be what someone needs or exhibit gratitude for them being in your life, it presents an opportunity for them to mirror the action. Returning the favor creates a beautifully repeating cycle. 

However, what do you notice when you don’t honor what’s being asked of you or return any in-kind gestures? Truly think about the last time you mistreated someone or didn’t deliver on a promise you made. What about when you were passive aggressive to your lover after they asked you “what’s wrong?” or you didn’t bother to remember your sister’s birthday when she threw you a royal soiree for yours? What resulted in your actions? Did it create a domino effect? Foster a gap between you and that person? 

In every interaction with others and in many moments with our selves, you must consider that mirror. Always be mindful of what those actions are going to deliver back to you; as well as, how your actions are going to impact someone else. There is an old proverb that says, “Never ruin a relationship, just to be right.” This relates to the nature of reciprocity. When you remain conscious about the choices you are making and how you respond to others, you will tend to lean towards the positive. Life doesn’t become about proving points. It becomes more enriched because you begin to make choices that will result in sending out positive vibes and goodwill. 

Like the premise of the Law of Attraction, you will begin experiencing more affirmative encounters. Reciprocity heightens your sense of self-awareness. Your chakras become more balanced, especially your heart and third-eye energy centers. Your life evens out because you are paying very close attention to what you are giving and receiving. By embodying the principle of reciprocity you will be able to manifest a harmonious life. 

Simply put, consider it a dynamic rule for growing into your best life. 



CJ Johnson is a freelance digital content producer and ghostwriter who is currently transitioning into being a certified holistic health coach. CJ seeks opportunities that allow for the presentation of news and stories to the world that are rooted in journalism. Particularly, aiming and catering articles to those vested in the wellness community as well as to people of the African diaspora that are concerned about their health their culture. CJ lives in the heart of Dallas, TX in a bohemian community where eclectic art and cuisine abound. She is a published poet, author of Woman Steps In Poetry and Prose. Long-distance running has been her joy for over 20 years and yoga is her new found love since 2011.