A Queen’s Meditation: Tarotscopes for Spring

By A-lan Holt

As we walk through our lives, we inherently pick up tools to help us along the journey. These tools come in various forms: breathing techniques to calm a worried interior, yoga to awaken a lethargic body and spirit. These cures aid us in our spiritual awakening here on earth. 

During this past year, I’ve added meditations to my practice using Tarot cards. In many ways they have become a sort of compass, helping to guide the way for any and all situations that arise in my life. I’d like to share one with you. A card pulled repeatedly from my deck since the beginning of the year. A mediation. A reminder. The Queen of Pentacles: a woman who has everything she needs. 

Sitting in a garden by herself this Queen has found a deep understanding of the sacredness in everything around her. Her pentacle, representing her material possessions, is something she holds in her hand, not simply to admire its beauty, but as a reminder of her ability to create her own Eden. On good days she feels in rhythm with the world around her. Like a magician she is able to create something out of nothing—a way out of no way at all. She is a mother, a lover, a businesswoman— she is all these things with ease, grace, and balance.

On her not-so-good-days she can feel her confidence waning. She can feel the mortality of her existence. She might feel tired, worried, less than motivated. Sometimes she might even be quick to anger. 

This card symbolizes a remembrance. "Remember Queen, you have gotten this far because of your deep love for yourself, for others, and for the world around you. You have made the mundane magical; have turned a piece of paper into a poem; have planted a seed and watched it blossom into a forest on your fire escape. You have created an entire kingdom of love and possibility out of a rented apartment and a handful of acquired furniture. You have begun the process of making peace within yourself. And this is just the beginning. You have done all of this with integrity, with great love and with the passion you have found out of ordinary things." 

When your world feels reversed, feels turned upside down, dig deep and remember your security. “In this moment, I have everything I need,” this Queen says. “In this moment I have more than I need. In fact, the earth beneath my feet holds me up when I feel less than myself and that in itself is a blessing. The entire universe is here to help me create more, more, more beautiful things—what joy.”

And on those days when you are feeling powerful again, in all your wonder and glory, simply cry out, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” and all will continue to be well.

Amen. Peace. Om.



A-lan Holt is a dramatist and intuitionist who enjoys reading cards and crafting plays. She is the youngest playwright awarded a two-year residency at the Tony-Award winning Public Theater in New York City (2013). Her plays and performances have been presented throughout the country and internationally at the National Theater in Kampala, Uganda (2010). A-lan's artistic practice is an affirmation of her desire to heal and heal others. She is interested in cultivating projects pertaining to the relationship between art-practice, health and spirituality. Her work can be found online at a-lan.me