Glow, Grow

by Chelsea Keat

Being alone for a while yields great adventure. It brings forth a comfort that is sometimes crippling, a glowing that is not to be compared to countryside moons, this glowing is subtle but undeniable, like a firefly, only you cannot catch this glow in a jar. This glow surges then falters not because of doubt but rather growth instead. This glow is growth, I am glowing and I am growing.

The color yellow | The sunlight

Eyes open.

Eyes closed.





photo: chelsea keat

photo: chelsea keat

Chelsea Keat is a photographer, writer and emerging arts professional who is passionate about art history, communication, health, wellbeing and helping others. Her goal is to be involved with organizations and movements that focus on public access to the arts and that strive for an engaging and inclusive community that reflects the diversity and people of color within the arts. Chelsea desires to share her experiences by way of photography, writing and most recently painting/collage and short films. Her goal is to expose pieces of herself through her art to the public in the hopes that people can relate or gain a sense of connectedness and feelings of pride and openness. Chelsea is inspired by everyday people and places, conversations, glances, prints, textures, smiles, hand gestures, any and everything overlooked. She is an observer first and her art represents that. Her art coincides with self care/evaluation, observation, candidness, and most importantly documentation. Chelsea is a self-proclaimed sucker for portraiture abstract, self or otherwise.