Acceptable Burns

By Simóne Janae

And the truth is, vulnerability is scary.
It forces us to face our wounds.
Leaving us exposed, raw and exactly at the point of either surrender or retreat.

Which have you chosen?

We aren’t born with wounds.
We aren’t born with beliefs of who we aren’t.
We aren’t born needing protection.

When was this level of protection developed?
Where and from whom did we learn this habit?
When did we learn to hide—from our truth?

To wound is the Latin origin of vulnerability
To be susceptible to emotional or physical attack or harm.

I find this wounding an acceptable burn.

Vulnerability is the opening of our wounded selves.
Where the heart expands.
The space between surrender and trust.
Where we are held.
Our uninhibited self.
Our leaving, our shedding and our letting go.
The REcovery and REdiscovery of our soul.

In other words, we are left with our beginning.
Do you remember what it feels like to be free, light and without fear

That’s vulnerability. Feel into that space. The answer is there.

This is our birthright before the wounds, before the religion/beliefs, before our fears, before the guilt, before the pain, before the sickness, before our minds told us we couldn’t, wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, before we dismissed our truth, before we hid our own light, before we played small, before we said no and meant yes, before we forgot who we truly are, before the walls went up, before we let our minds choose rather than our intuition, before we felt bad for saying goodbye, before we knew better, before, before, before…



Simóne Janae is from Harrisburg, PA and resides in Los Angeles. She is a film marketing manager by trade, growing, listening and learning with every step. She enjoys leveraging and being a space holder for creative brilliance; one project at a time. Follow her on Instagram @ifyoustayedover.