By Sierra King

72% of our body consists of water. I believe 100% of it can be healed as water. Since birth we have been blessed by water, drank water, found solace in water — and in our growing years, we return to it.

As women, often times the only peace that we may find is in water. Strong is the water, as is the woman. Calm is the water, as is the woman.

Sierra King is a recent graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art. She works closely with digital and film photography. As a Black female photographer, it is her goal to accurately portray the conversations and stories of her people, community and experience. She believes in the importance of understanding where the culture began and where the culture that is thriving, living and breathing now. Sierra enjoys giving her time to places and people that are full of life, music and art. View her online photography portfolio and follow her on Twitter: @SIERRACHAS