Radiant by Definition

By Zakkiyyah Najeebah

I’m sure we all have those close friends that carry their skin and bodies with such radiance that their presence makes you want to hold your head a little bit higher and reclaim your own light.

I spent some time with my close friend Theodora at the beach some time ago, and when I look back at these images, I’m reminded of the beauty of black skin. I’m amazed at how our melanin absorbs the sun with such ease and gratitude. This skin that is proud...without apology and without shame. Theodora flaunted around the beach with such confidence and self affirmation that it was a note to remain as carefree and black as possible. By any means necessary.

It warms my heart when I see black women carry their skin and bodies with such appreciation, knowing that we live within a paradigm that does not praise our skin...or appreciate it. I’ve always viewed us as people of the sun, and my truth and affirmation of black skin is that we’ll always be radiant by definition.