13 Energies that Lower your Vibration

By Lalah Delia

When was the last time you protected your vibe from something or someone no good for it?

Well, after reading this article, hopefully moving forward that will become a daily occurrence.

The entire world all around us is all about energy. One of my favorite quotes says this, “If you want to understand the world, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

These words are by far some of the realest words ever spoken. I truly believe that they should be the first words we fully comprehend, grasp and remember, as spiritual beings here having a human experience.

In this article, I would like to extract the word ‘vibration’ from Nikola Tesla’s epic quote and share how it is of value to you everyday, in every way.

What is vibration and how does it affect you?



Everything we are, everything we do and everything we hear, see and feel, is all made up of energy and energy vibrates at a certain frequency. So as energy vibrates, its vibration creates a certain frequency and that frequency is what we experience in everyday life. Frequency is what is felt, it’s how we feel energy and its unique vibration. Vibration determines how we experience the world around us.


Vibration is the guiding force in bridging and manifesting energy and frequency, into matter. Vibration determines the quality of a particular thing in the world of energy. It determines whether a thing is good for us, or not.

So in short, life is all about a vibe. That’s why we don’t like being around certain folks who ‘kill our vibe’. Think of life as one big radio, we all uniquely vibrate at a certain frequency, so do the things we eat, do, listen to, entertain and give out to the world around us. Everything is vibrating at either a high or low rate. The higher the vibration, the lighter and more positively charged you feel energetically. The lower the vibration, the heavier and more drained and negatively charged you feel. The higher a thing vibrates, the better it is for your mind, body and soul. The lower a thing vibrates, the more damaging, unhealthy and disturbing it is to your mind, body and soul. Thus, vibrations can be harmonious or not. Vibrations can be easy, relaxing, enjoyable, pleasant, or not. The ‘or nots’ are what we are here to discuss, expose and call out, so that you can avoid them at all costs -- like the plague. Understanding, respecting and honoring your own vibration and energy, will help you to harmonize your life beautifully.

The 13 Energies That Lower Your Vibration

Nothing drains and weighs our energy (and the energy of those around us) down more than entertaining the following 13 toxic energies (in random order). Ready? I thought so. Let’s do this: 

        1.     Emotional pain

        2.     Heartbreak

        3.     Insecurity

        4.     Jealousy

        5.     Regret

        6.     Doubt 

        7.     Worry

        8.     Gossip

        9.     Selfishness

        10.   Fear

        11.   Spite

        12.   Stagnation

        13.   Toxic people

The highly effective daily practice to use to start healing and ridding your life of any and all of these lower vibrational and toxic energies above, is to reprogram your mind with higher vibrational thoughts, patterns, habits and words. Simply switching out and replacing negative emotions, habits, people or energies with positives ones, you are interrupting and breaking frequency patterns, experiences and thought processes by beginning new and more positive and productive ones. The same goes for foods as well. Higher vibrational foods give you life, while lower vibrational foods drain you of it.

Each day and with each emotional and energetic trigger, person or encounter, replace all lower, toxic and negative thoughts and behaviors within, with positive ones. No longer be reactionary or a willing participant without mindfulness of the new higher vibrational thought pattern and update that you now choose to operate and live from. As you do so, others will soon take notice of your new energetic and vibrational standards. This may cause the release of all that means you no good. Good riddance!

As you journey forward, find ways to add more grace and light into your life where you once held space for lower vibrational energy, habits and people. Removing who and what was once weighing you down, will open up so much necessary energetic and spiritual space for who and what you truly desire to manifest and show upeven if that someone is you.

Remember the radio station reference from earlier? Well, raising your vibration is much like switching the radio dial from a static channel to a clear one. This is exactly how you will manage your life, relationships, foods, interactions and so on, moving forward. And when things in your reality just aren’t adding up, working or harmonizing, remember to add a bit more love, light, grace and higher vibrations into the mix.

Be true to your process and to yourself and go hard where you’ve been going too soft. In this universe and reality, your vibration is everything.

With daily practice, dedication and mindfulness, you will begin shifting your entire reality. You will now begin to manifest a new higher vibrational you.

When you change your vibration, you change your entire life; mind, body, spirit and reality.



Lalah Delia contributes to BGIO because it’s a community full of love and high vibrations. BGIO is a sacred space online that she honors as a safe space to be herself and be free in mind, heart and soul. Lalah resides in Los Angeles, California where she enjoys making spa-style baths at her home for one of her favorite self-care practices. You may find Lalah online on her blog (VibrateHigherDaily.com), Instagram (lalahdelia), Facebook (Lalah Delia), and Twitter (@lalahdelia).