Episode 25 — Season Two Finale: A Letter to Our Teenage Selves

In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory close season two with vulnerability and reflection. Deeply inspired by Solange Knowles’ letter to her teenage self in Teen Vogue, both women share what they would tell their teenage selves. For example, Lauren shares how she has learned to define herself on her own terms, rather than in relationship with someone else and Deun sheds light on how she has learned how to say no. This episode offers encouraging and affirming notes, for young black women in particular, but to anyone striving to cultivate self-confidence, healing, and intuition. Stay tuned for season three of the BGIO Podcast scheduled to return in September 2017. Share your ideas for topics, guests, and more via Twitter @blackgirlinom and keep up with all things BGIO on www.blackgirlinom.com.

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  • Deun’s recent note to self which she wrote to herself as a means of reflection and self-encouragement
  • More about Lauren’s young adulthood and how she has had to learn to stand stronger in her own self rather than seeking definition through others
  • How Lauren channeled energy post-break up into yoga and self-love and began striving for wholeness
  • How Lauren has stepped into love for her blackness and womanhood
  • Why Deun advocates for individuality and finding magic and joy within your unique self
  • Why Deun doesn’t apologize for being herself to anyone anymore
  • How not conforming to what others want you to be leads to your own liberation
  • How Lauren has had to learn to not take things personally and empathize with the truth that everyone has their own battles
  • More about The Four Agreements’ teaching to not take things personally—why taking things personally can be a selfish act
  • The importance of approaching challenges you’re striving to implement in your life as something to be practiced, rather than something to be attained and perfected
  • Loving encouragement that you can rise above abuse and that you can also escape it
  • How Lauren’s early encouragement of creativity from her Mother led her to where she is now
  • How Deun used to be allergic to the word no, but now how she actively embraces it
  • How the practice of writing a list of what you want and what you don’t want can lead to a lot of clarity 

“More of us should write notes to ourselves. If nothing else, as an archive.” — @HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet

“You will soon discover that being an anomaly, the thing you hated most, will become the most magical and valuable asset about you.” — @deunivory #BGIO Click to tweet

“Everyone carries pain, hurt, trauma. Don’t internalize it when it seeps into your orbit.” — @HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet

“Learning how to not take things personally is one way to be emotionally liberated.” — @deunivory #BGIO Click to tweet

“Honesty is an integral part of healing.” — @deunivory #BGIO Click to tweet

“Sharpen your intuition early and you will go farther, sooner, both personally and professionally.” — @HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet