Episode 23 — On Being a Healer and On Finding True Wholeness with Dr. Crystal Jones and Tie Simpson (Hippie Heathen)

In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory take a deep dive into a conversation on being a healer and finding true wholeness through healing with two Atlanta-based guests and friends: multifaceted healer Dr. Crystal Jones and Tie Simpson, yoga and mindfulness instructor. Crystal shares her powerful perspective on how she approaches the healing process and the first thing that she believes all those who are considering becoming a healer should consider. Tie enlightens us about how she embraces a taboo lifestyle and how yoga as a holistic practice has been a fundamental part of her journey. All women offer their thoughts on the most valuable action that black women can do for themselves on their wellness journeys. This episode is a must-listen for any holistic wellness practitioners, for anyone interested in exploring her shadows as much as her light, and anyone looking to recommit to her wellness journey. 

Follow along Crystal's journey on her website www.drcrystaljones.com, Instagram @drcrystaljones and Twitter @drcrystaljones. Keep up with Tie by visiting her website www.hippieheathen.com, Instagram @hippie_heathen and Twitter @hippie_heathen


  • Valuable things to consider when discerning whether the call to be a healer is for you
  • Two questions you should consider asking those that you work with in a relationship of healing
  • The importance of shadow work, or exploring your darkness, which is just as valuable as your light
  • How everyone, including family, can’t always be on the same journey as you: and that’s ok
  • How preserving your happiness is overrated; embracing the challenges lead to growth
  • What joy TRULY is; what wholeness feels and looks like
  • What yoga looks like as holistic practice on and off the mat
  • How entrepreneurs within wellness can, and should, re-committ to their practices again and again
  • How choices are powerful, choices give you freedom
  • Misconceptions around what your highest self means.
  • Dr. Crystal Jones’ thoughts on what your final transition means
  • The most valuable thing that you think black women can do for themselves on their wellness journeys

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