Episode 14 - Season One Finale: Community Q&As and an Announcement

Episode 14 — Season One Finale: Community Q&As and an Announcement

In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah and special guest Deun Ivory take questions from the Black Girl In Om community in the season one finale of the BGIO Podcast. This lively and candid conversation covers several topics like some of their favorite books, advice on developing a consistent yoga practice, and their go-to self care practices for breaking out of a rut. Zakkiyyah gives a bitter sweet goodbye as she announces her transition out of the BGIO Team and meditates on her two years as Art Director. Look out for new episodes of the podcast in Feburary 2017 hosted by Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory.

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  • Lauren and Zakkiyyah's favorite moments from season one of the BGIO Podcast
  • How Lauren, Zakkiyyah, and Deun overcome winter blues
  • An inside scoop to their personal natural hair journeys
  • Some of their favorite books
  • Their tips on keeping a consistent yoga practice
  • Zakkiyyah’s reflection on her time as BGIO’s Art Director

“The fact that we’ve created this, enjoyed the journey and others have too is so affirming”—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet

“To combat the winter blues, something that helps me is soaking up as much inspiration as possible”—@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet

“I’m going to try to take a winter getaway every year from now on to combat the winter blues”—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet

I think natural hair is very significant and an active choice to wear it is inherently a political statement”—@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet

“Natural hair is so bold”—@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet

“I was drawn to natural curls again so I started the process and never looked back”—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet

“The Four Agreements definitely shows that simplest things are often the most profound”—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet

"My relationship with Lauren has allowed me to be much more open minded about yoga”—@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet

“When you realize the benefits of any self care practice, it brings you back to it”—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet

“Now, I take a bath, listen to music like folk or Solange and that is self-care”—@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet

"Zakkiyyah is so invested in what it means to be well, thriving and surviving as a black women right now."—@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to Tweet