Episode 6 — Living Thoughtfully with Brandie Gilliam

Episode 6 — Living Thoughtfully with Brandie Gilliam


In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with Brandie Gilliam, the Founder of Thoughtfully Magazine. This magazine maven shares her journey in manifesting her wellness magazine and transitioning from being a marketing and branding manager into a full time creative. Brandie talks about the intentional work that goes into being a resource for women of color who want to be mindful of what they put in and on their bodies. Brandie, Lauren, and Zakkiyyah each share how trusting and taking a leap of faith was pivotal for realizing their respective passion projects. Listeners will learn practical tips and tricks to living life more thoughtfully, one step at a time, and will also receive a special, limited discount to the Thoughtfully Magazine online shop (use code BGIO10 when ordering from their store).

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  • Some of Lauren and Zakkiyyah’s favorite things right now, including Party Noire and Saint Heron
  • Brandie Gilliam’s process in starting Thoughtfully Magazine
  • How trusting and taking a leap of faith was pivotal for Lauren, Zakkiyyah, and Brandie in their respective passion projects
  • Brandie’s own challenges in being more thoughtful about her self care
  • The difference between natural and organic
  • Practical tips in living thoughtfully from Brandie, Lauren and Zakkiyyah
  • How you can win an issue of Thoughtfully Magazine, or win Thoughtfully Magazine swag!

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