Episode 4 — Manifestation and Mantras with Emotional Nudist Brittany Josephina

Episode 4 — Manifestation and Mantras with Emotional Nudist Brittany Josephina

This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with self-proclaimed emotional nudist and empowerment coach Brittany Josephina. Brittany breaks down the power of manifestation, mantras, and intuitive purpose in this highly inspirational episode. All three women affirm the wisdom found in reflecting back to their childhood curiosities and desires in revealing glimpses of their purpose. Be sure to subscribe to Brittany's e-mails on her site Brittspiration! If you do, you will receive her free workbook, My Vision Manifested: Manifesting Your Wildly Attainable Dreams! Follow Brittany on Instagram (BrittanyJosephina) and Twitter (@brittanyphina) for daily mantras, affirmations, and overall inspiration in your wellness journey!

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  • Lauren and Zakkiyyah’s favorite things of the moment

  • Why vulnerability is an important starting point for anyone seeking to live authentically

  • How Brittany uses mantras to “show up” for herself

  • Zakkiyyah and Lauren's childhood dreams and how their respective childhood dreams reflect in their lives today

  • Who Brittany would bring to yoga with her

  • How love languages are not only powerful for your relationships with others, but how they may be powerful in understanding how you can relate to yourself with your self-love practice

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of everything that I love" – @brittanyphina Click to tweet

It’s necessary to be by yourself to understand who you are in this moment” – @brittanyphina Click to tweet

"Self-care is the practice, self-love is the practice, and it’s not always easy loving yourself – @brittanyphina Click to tweet

“What matters most is loving yourself when it is hard” – @brittanyphina Click to tweet

“Mantras can help you show up in the world and pinpoint exactly what you need” – @brittanyphina Click to tweet

“Until now I never thought of love languages as helping me know how I need to love myself.” – @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“Even if we don't understand what we're going through, deep down we know what we're called to do” — Zakkiyyah Najeebah Click to tweet

”I don't believe in living in a way that doesn't affirm who I am or living in a way that doesn't affirm the community I'm connected to.” — Zakkiyyah Najeebah Click to tweet