Episode 2 — Veganism: A Chat with Jenné Claiborne

Episode 2 — Veganism: A Chat on How to Adopt this Ethical and Compassionate Lifestyle with Jenné Claiborne

This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat about veganism, yoga, and living a life of intention with their first BGIO Podcast guest: their friend Jenné Claiborne, founder of the amazing vegan lifestyle platform Sweet Potato Soul. Jenné shares how, for her, veganism is more than just a diet—it’s a lifestyle rooted in compassion and ethics. Lauren and Zakkiyyah admit some of the challenges they have faced in adopting veganism. Jenné shares how her yoga practice informs veganism (and vice versa) as well as what she eats in a typical day. Listeners inspired by this conversation should join the nearly 50k other vegans (or vegan lifestyle enthusiasts!) who subscribe to Jenné’s inspiring YouTube Channel for practical vegan food and skincare recipes and Jenné’s favorite vegan beauty products! You may find Jenné online at www.sweetpotatosoul.com as well as on Instagram (instagram.com/sweetpotatosoul), Twitter (@sweetpotatosoul), and Facebook (facebook.com/sweetpotatosoul).

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  • How Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul approaches her vegan lifestyle—for her, it’s more than just a diet

  • The struggles that Lauren and Zakkiyyah have faced when attempting to switch to veganism

  • The contemporary ethical and practical challenges of being a vegan and a consumer

  • What ahimsa means—and what it has to do with being a yogi and a vegan

  • Jenné's amazing So Buddhalicious program!

  • Who Jenné would take to yoga with her! And her favorite mantra of the moment.

"Veganism is about compassion and about having an awareness of harm caused through our actions" — @sweetpotatosoul Click to Tweet

“My yoga practice informs my whole life” — @sweetpotatosoul Click To Tweet

"Yoga isn’t just about the asana. It's about lifestyle, a way of thinking & a way of living that really vibes with me" — @sweetpotatosoul Click To Tweet

"Having a strong sense of community is so important to anyone who is trying to manifest a vision for themselves” — Zakkiyyah Najeebah Click To Tweet

"We CAN take intentional steps to eliminate as much harm as possible" — @HelloLaurenAsh Click To Tweet