Episode 1 — The Beginnings of BGIO

Episode 1 — The Beginnings of Black Girl In Om
With a Side of Meditation and Prince

This episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah introduce the Black Girl In Om podcast, an extension of their mindful lifestyle brand, global community, and tangible platform for an increasingly marginalized audience around the world. Founder Lauren speaks to the origins of Black Girl In Om, and Art Director Zakkiyyah shares her aesthetic and philosophical investment in their vision of holistic wellness for women of color. Both hosts illuminate the revolutionary, and necessary, aspects of BGIO and share some of their favorite moments of their nearly two year journey with BGIO thus far. In this episode, listeners may also enjoy a mini guided meditation, learn who Zakkiyyah and Lauren want to take to yoga with them, and receive a special, limited discount courtesy of episode 001 sponsor Boodywear.

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In this episode, you’ll find out about:

  • The origins of Black Girl In Om from BGIO Founder and Creative Director Lauren Ash and BGIO Art Director Zakkiyyah Najeebah

  • What “Black Girl In Om” means

  • Why Black Girl In Om is vital, as told by Lauren and Zakkiyyah

  • Lauren and Zakkiyyah’s favorite mantras of the moment

  • Who Lauren and Zakkiyyah want to take to yoga class with them

"To anyone listen who has a dream ... chase that. Because you never know who else it is going to resonate with" – @HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet


"I felt compelled to be involved because #BGIO is something that is needed, it is a necessity." – @ZNajeebah Click to tweet


"Black Girl In Om symbolizes being apart of a vibration, being unafraid to embrace all that life has for you." – @HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet


"I believe in the power of transforming things and flipping them around." – @ZNajeebah #BlackGirlInOm Click to tweet

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