Episode 51 — Perfect, Whole, Complete: Connecting Curiosity And Conscious Communication with Dr. Crystal Jones

You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete. 

All the thanks to the incomparable and absolutely incredible Dr. Crystal Jones for gifting us with that truth to forever hold onto.  Throughout this conversation, Crystal reminds us that we are and always have been everything we most desire. As a longtime member of the Black Girl In Om circle we’ve featured several times, we are still constantly left in awe of the incredible energy Crystal brings to every interaction we share. She is the embodiment of what operating from your genius truly looks like. In this episode, Crystal taps into her powerful gift of spiritually led curiosity to demonstrate that our lifelong path towards healing is always evolving and expanding. Press play and settle into this conversation with Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory as they journey through the beauty of conscious communication, healing to uncover wholeness, and so much more with Dr. Crystal Jones. 

When the episode is done, offer yourself a moment to recite this affirmation to yourself with any additions that feel right for you and your journey towards your highest self:

I am perfect. 

I am whole. 

I am complete. 

May I be that which I ask for. 

And so it is.

Connect even further with Crystal via her website and by following her across social media at @drcrystaljones.


  • How Crystal sees herself and why she’s so special to us at Black Girl In Om — we touched on that in this throwback episode of the podcast when she first joined us

  • Deciphering when something is actually asked of you vs. hearing what your ego desires

  • How timely this conversation is to a concept we hold dearly: Root to Rise, the theme of year four of Black Girl In Om (you can catch Crystal’s feature right here!)

  • The difference between who you are and your identities

  • What these beautiful women are rooted in — you can explore what that means in your life too!

  • A lesson that ties back to a book that we reference time and time again this season

  • Conscious communication: how to engage with it, what it entails, why it’s a beautiful practice to engage with, and how it can help you create exactly what you seek

  • Ways to release judgment to allow space for curiosity

  • Awareness you can bring to the words you use + the mindset you’re operating in the world with

  • Healing as a concept and its application to wholeness

  • Understanding whether you’re moving from a place of excellence or your genius

  • The way Crystal is operating from her genius in her life today

  • A closing note from Crystal that’s just for you to do the same in your life — these tips shared on air by Crystal demonstrate some ways to start doing so right now (enjoy this classic OM piece for a few more, too!)

I am curious and it comes from me really wanting to understand God, Spirit, Universe. I believe that that entire energy is in everything… So I ask questions to understand God better. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

When we know what the foundation is and we know where we’re coming from, nothing in life is happening to us. It can’t be. Everything is working together for our good. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

I am rooted in the belief in wholeness. I am rooted in the one truth that I am perfect, whole, and complete. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

I am rooted in the power of all of the phenomenal Black women who have come before me... Everything is expanding on the good of those who have come before me and the good that I am putting forth into the world. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

I am truly rooted in my belief in Christ and that God has His hands on me. With that, I am able to stand, despite my circumstances, and that I am ever expansive. — @deunivory click to tweet

Our job is to only flow. The entire Universe is already balanced. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

Why not just focus on what we do want and allow? — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

How we see people is a reflection of where we are and who we are. — @deunivory click to tweet

Wholeness says that when you came into this world you were a complete, Divine incarnation of perfection. You are continually expanding upon that and that requires getting to know yourself even more. That is what the healing process is. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

I am committed to operating in my genius. I’m no longer committed to being excellent. I’m no longer committed to being mediocre. I’m no longer committed to being good. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

We can and should manifest for ourselves in alignment with our genius. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

Genius is explosive because it is exceedingly, abundantly beyond what you can even think to conceptualize. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

May I be that which I ask for. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

Most times, the reason why you think you’re lacking is you really just didn’t take the time to be grateful for that which you already are. — @drcrystaljones click to tweet

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