Episode 50 — The Many Layers of Black Womanhood with Kenesha Sneed

Press play and journey through the musings of an incredible and impactful multidisciplinary artist we love, Kenesha Sneed. She truly embodies what it means to be a multifaceted Black woman through her exploration of art forms and absolute refusal to be boxed into any specific way of being. We’re especially lucky to catch Kenesha at this time as she celebrates ten years of crafting her artistry in a meaningful way. As is clear from our conversation and look through her work, what she brings to this world will last in your soul for a lifetime. In this conversation, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory explore Black womanhood as an entity in Kenesha's work, the path compassion for your craft can take you, grief and the importance of a support system, and the layers we all peel back to go a little deeper. 

What does it mean to be a Black woman existing? Kenesha adds her sentiment to this question and as you listen, we invite you to do the same. Even though as a Black woman existing, there are pops of color and light, behind all of that there is someone still seeking and searching for solace. 

Follow her artistic path on her website and feel more of her illustration vibes by perusing Tactile Matter.


  • The artist behind Tactile Matter

  • Lauren and Kenesha’s shared inspiration from nature

  • The journey through the lens of a visual storyteller

  • The significance of recent conversations in art and why Kenesha cherishes these spaces

  • How to stay motivated when designing and creating

  • Tips for boundaries as an artist

  • Lauren dives in to an acronym that’s getting her right, created by Brene Brown

  • Navigating the creation of art in our very digital, hyper connected world 

  • Attracting what you are hoping for when you are at an authentic place

  • A piece called “Safe Space” that resonates heavily with us and our circle of women + the moment it was birthed from — get it for your own collection right here!

  • A beautiful list of artists that inspire Kenesha (think of this as a great place to learn about some incredible contemporary artists vs. an exhaustive list to consider all her inspirations)

  • Thoughts on grief and support systems, as an artist and a person in general

  • The creative perspective of, many layers of, and nature of existing while being a Black woman

Sometimes it’s those small pauses and little moments that spark inspiration and make you feel joyful. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Outside of just creating, you have to exist. — @tactilematter click to tweet

I feel good if somebody else is able to take in what I’m creating and feel something. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Outside of the creative process there is still room for existing and just living your life. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Setting boundaries for myself has been more of a challenge than setting boundaries with other people. — @tactilematter click to tweet

By any means necessary, it's so important for you to take the time to figure out what you really do feel passionate about. — @tactilematter click to tweet

You have to be unapologetically you at the end of the day. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Having your people there to lift you up when you’re literally brought to your knees is so crucial. — @tactilematter click to tweet

For so many of us, it is a tremendous challenge to actually receive support and to even know how to ask. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

In reality, you’re almost more of a burden by *not* asking for help. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Lean into the people that you love in times when you know that you need it. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Art is so powerful, so beautiful, and so necessary. — @deunivory click to tweet

As an artist for me to be my most authentic self, I have to really just do me. — @tactilematter click to tweet

Even though there are all these pops of color and soft lines, behind all of that, there is some still seeking. — @tactilematter click to tweet

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